2 Vertical Farms Featured in EnviroTech50 2022


London-based Foodsteps, a platform for discovering, labeling & reducing the environmental footprint of food, tops the annual ranking of UK companies creating original technology for green energy, to protect the environment and boost sustainability.

Following the creation of a 93-strong shortlist, the final ranking was decided by a combination of selections from an independent judging panel (see below) and a public vote among readers of BusinessCloud which attracted hundreds of votes.

The ranking is supported by digital transformation experts Sputnik Digital.

  • Craig Melson, associate director for climate, environment, and sustainability, techUK
  • Lubomila Jordanova, co-founder, of GreenTech Alliance
  • David Pugh, head of sustainability, Digital Catapult
  • Jonathan Symcox, editor, BusinessCloud

Two vertical farms were featured on this year’s EnviroTech50 list:

  • Vertical Future was ranked 24th

The company this year closed what was considered at the time as Europe’s largest-ever Series A in the vertical farming industry and expanded its presence throughout the world with ongoing projects in Ireland, Italy, and Singapore as well as the potential for other projects in the middle east and North America in the future.

  • Intelligent Growth Solutions ranked 38th

Scotland’s largest vertical farm has revealed several new projects in the United States, in Australia as well as succesfull trials with new crops grown in their facility and their research center at the James Hutton Institute.

Full Ranking of EnviroTech50 List Here

Image provided by EnviroTech50

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