25th June 2022
Robotics Vertical Farming

5 Vertical Farm Robots & Systems

Vertical farming is the future. It will ensure access to healthy food for optimum nutrition, while protecting environmental factors that will put safeguards in place so that there is no compromise to land, air, and water. This approach to farming will help alleviate food contamination, pollutants, spoilage, protect natural resources and reduce the ability to maliciously taint the food source.


With vertical farming, a grower can product a larger variety of harvestable crops due to the use of isolated crop sectors. In traditional farming, one type of crop is harvested per season, whereas vertical farms allow for a multitude of crops to be grown and harvested at once. Current applications of vertical farming coupled with other state-of-the-art technologies, have resulted in over 10 times the crop yield than would receive through traditional farming methods.

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