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AEssenceFresh Creates Online Resource To Accelerate Succesful Indoor Farms

AEssenceFresh aeroponic vertical farming

AEssenceFresh, a well-known aeroponic vertical farming solution provider for the medical & recreational cannabis industry announced its expansion towards fresh food production launching at the same time, the AEssenceFresh community and website to provide a range of solutions & information to indoor growers.

According to CEO and creator Robert Chen, “We are now prepared to bridge our success in the worldwide cannabis markets by offering turnkey solutions for global food production with software flexibility and customer value as a priority.”

As per their latest press release, training from the AEssense plant science team is already available on in the form of instructional tutorials on water purification, plant development, and operational management. The website and community will serve as a repository for helpful data, videos, and practical examples the company says. The most effective kind of hydroponics, known as zero-soil aeroponics, involves misting or spraying nutrient-rich water directly onto plant roots that are suspended in the air. For commercial farms, this technique increases yields while conserving labor, resources, and water. AEssense has demonstrated its operations utilizing precise sensors and cutting-edge software controls that have been refined over years in the commercial cannabis market, despite the fact that the technology can be complicated.

“As we follow early fresh produce customers in the education, and commercial markets, we want to promote their success and publicize the superior quality of what they are producing in AEssenseFresh aeroponics.”, said Jennifer Ong, executive vice president at AEssense. “We will use these case studies to offer discoveries and lessons learned to help other innovators along the road to success.”

With the business, engineering, and horticultural expertise needed for success, AEssenseFresh will help customers master hardware, software, HVAC, water treatment, and data analytics, to save time-to-market and exceed consumer expectations. Cloud services wirelessly connected to local communication servers offer customers precision monitoring and control with direct reporting on operations management, logistics, go-to-market, and business reporting.

Image provided by AEssenceFresh

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