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AGCO Corporation Expands Fendt Momentum Planter Line with New 30-Foot Model

AGCO Corporation Expands Fendt Momentum Planter Line with New 30-Foot Model. AgTech; Agriculture Technology; Precision Ag; AgriTech

AGCO Corporation (NYSE: AGCO), a global frontrunner in the agricultural machinery and precision agriculture technology sector, unveiled a new 30-foot Fendt Momentum planter line model. The announcement aims to make advanced agronomic planting solutions accessible to smaller, family-owned farming operations.

Arthur Santos, the marketing manager for Fendt planters at AGCO, stated, “The new Momentum 30-foot planter allows family-owned farms and smaller operations to experience the best in agronomic planting, increasing their yields and improving their bottom lines.”

Award-Winning Design Now More Accessible

The Fendt Momentum planter received the AE50 award and is now available in sizes from 30 to 60 feet. The planters come equipped with liquid and dry fertilizer systems and are available in 12- and 23-row configurations with 30- and 15-inch spacing, respectively.

“We’ve worked hard to expand our product lineup here in North America, and we’re excited to bring greater flexibility to farmers with the Momentum planter line,” Santos added.

Setting a New Standard in Seed Placement

First introduced to North America in 2020, the Fendt Momentum planter has set a new benchmark in seed placement. It was engineered to offer optimal seed depth and spacing, irrespective of soil moisture, type, residue levels, or terrain. The planter features a Vertical Contouring Toolbar that allows it to adapt to the terrain’s topography, offering a 52-inch vertical planting range. Its SmartFrame technology ensures optimal row cleaning, downforce, furrow creation, seed placement, and closing.

Enhanced Capacity and Efficiency

The newly introduced 30-foot model offers a high capacity for seed and fertilizer, allowing farmers to plant more quickly without the need for frequent machine reloading. The planter can carry up to 100 bushels of seed and handle up to 800 gallons of liquid fertilizer with its newly designed tank, set to be unveiled in 2024.

Innovative Features for Improved Performance

To mitigate the issue of pinch rows, the Momentum planter employs an in-line tandem wheel design and Very-High Flexion (VF) tires. These tires offer the flotation benefits of tracks while maintaining high road speed. The planter can also be equipped with Fendt’s central tire inflation system, which automatically adjusts tire pressure to minimize soil compaction.

Comprehensive Customer Care

Manufactured in Beloit, Kansas, the Momentum planter is backed by Fendt’s Gold Star Customer Care Program. This includes a full three-year warranty with no deductible and annual postseason inspections, ensuring long-term reliability for farmers.

Introducing the 30-foot model is a significant step for AGCO Corporation in making advanced agronomic technologies more accessible to a broader range of farmers, contributing to increased yields and improved financial outcomes for smaller operations.

Photo by Spencer Scott Pugh on Unsplash 

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