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Agrify Introduces New Diamond Miner Product for Premium Cannabis Concentrates Production

Agrify Corporation has announced its entry into warrant inducement letters to raise up to $1.84 million in gross proceeds from the exercise of 10,651,430 common stock warrants

Agrify Corporation (Nasdaq: AGFY) announced the introduction of its new Diamond Miner product. Released under its solvent extraction brand, Precision Extraction Solutions, the Diamond Miner offers a safe, reliable, and consistent method for THC-A crystallization of cannabis, facilitating the production of premium concentrates.

Precision Extraction Solutions, which Agrify acquired in October 2021, is renowned for providing complete solvent-based extraction and post-processing solutions. With the introduction of the Diamond Miner, Precision can now offer its customers a complete range of equipment for processing cannabis, from biomass to concentrates.

Equipped with an optimal capacity of 1.3 liters, the Diamond Miner eliminates the need for mason jars, enhancing safety and consistency. The product boasts a liquid-jacketed vessel for steady temperature control and reproducible results. The Diamond Miner can closely regulate internal temperature and pressure variations by maintaining a consistent internal environment.

Precision Extraction Solutions emphasizes safety and compliance in its product design. The Diamond Miner comes with a Technical Report certification, backed by an Engineer Peer Review from Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI), which meets the Fire Code (IFC and NFPA) requirements across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. In addition, the device’s high-pressure clamps can withstand pressure ratings up to 350 PSI. Crafted from premium 304-grade stainless steel and equipped with a 2-inch sight glass for easy process inspection, the Precision Diamond Miner is engineered for production.

Brian Towns, Executive Vice President, and General Manager Extraction Division at Agrify, underscored the company’s focus on reliable and safe production. “Our engineers design to high standards, focusing on customer pain points so that operators can focus on what they do best: creating strong products,” he said. “With the release of the Precision Diamond Miner, we continue to build out our ecosystem of modular products to help our customers enhance their production capabilities and support their success.”

Image provided by Agrify

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