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Agrikol Partners With FlexTech To Provide LED Solutions

Flextech is a multi-national group of experts with more than ten years of combined experience in the semiconductor and horticultural lighting industries. Although the company was established and does its manufacturing in China, members of its team can be found in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Aiming to reduce OPEX & CAPEX, they work to provide balanced lighting solutions that enhance yield. In order to stay one step ahead with product development, they are continually studying horticulture applications with top universities and technology partners throughout the world.

Flextech partners with well-known semiconductor and SMPS suppliers to produce high-quality, cutting-edge solutions, enabling them to offer a 5-year comprehensive guarantee.

AGRIKOL Ltd. has been building commercial greenhouses around the country and around the world for the past 18 years. During this time period, hundreds and hundreds of greenhouse projects have been completed successfully.

Developing projects in diverse climates and unusual environments is standard for the company. We have completed facilities in such remote regions of the world as Siberia, under extreme desert temperatures in the Mideast, many tropical regions of the world as well as heavy snow load and extreme wind conditions.

Agrikol announced in a press release that they’ve partnered with FlexTech to provide indoor farmers with updated technologies.

Flextech provides:

Module for Indoor Production
The FlexTech production module is a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for the emerging urban farmers. The fixture can be placed close to the plants while still saving energy because LED technology doesn’t produce any heat. As a result of extensive research conducted with leading universities and research facilities, we are able to comprehend the needs of the plants and work to improve our light recipes. FlexTech’s high IP65 protection rating and 50 000h lifespan ensure successful crop growth in any facility.

Top light for Greenhouses
Top Light LED High Power Top Lighting Module is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient product for the horticultural sector. The fixture, which is a module, can successfully replace the 400, 600, and 1000W HPS equivalents. In order to produce a high-quality product with a durable body, IP65 protection factor, uniform light, and the proper light recipe, our engineering and R&D teams work together. The 50000-hour lifespan of this product ensures successful crop growth in any facility.


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