Appointments Corporate

OASIS® Grower Solutions Announces New Operations Director

OASIS® Grower Solutions announces the appointment of Dr. Vijay Rapaka as Director of Global Grower Operations & Research. Rapaka has 15 years of

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Cultures Videos

Regenerative Agriculture and Energy Efficiency

Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that aims to restore and revitalize land to improve soil health and boost biodiversity. The ultimate

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Corporate Indoor Farming

Signify Introduces Far-Red Grow Light for Van Wordragen

Signify, a world-leading lighting company has provided Van Wordragen Flowers BV, a chrysanthemum grower in the Netherlands, with LED installations that include an

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Cultures Videos

Exploring Vertical Farming: The Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture

“Regenerative Agriculture” is an approach to farming that focuses on the regeneration of soil health rather than just maximizing crop yields. Using techniques

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Corporate Urban Farming

Maimoon Gardens: A Sustainable Residential Complex in Dubai

Fakhruddin Properties has begun construction on Maimoon Gardens, a residential complex in Dubai that aims to prioritize the well-being of its occupants by

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Economy Events

President Marcos Pushes for Food Security at WEF

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. stressed the importance of food security through increased productivity in agriculture and fisheries during a session on nutrition security

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AgTech Cannabis

RapidGrow LED’s Newest Light, SOLITE

RapidGrow LED’s newest light, SOLITE, combines state-of-the-art technology and advanced systems software for cannabis growers and operators.  RapidGrow LED, the nations leading technology

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Stock Market

AgriFORCE and Barbados CEA Development Collaboration

AgriFORCE (NASDAQ: AGRI; AGRIW), an AgTech company dedicated to advancing sustainable cultivation and crop processing, has announced a collaboration with the government of

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Economy Horticulture

Zimbabwe’s Horticulture Sector: Stagnant Despite Increased Prices

Zimbabwe’s horticulture export earnings remained unchanged at $71 million from Jan-Nov 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, despite a decrease in

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate

Saffron Tech, Raises $1.3 Million Through Crowdfunding

Sativus Tech Corporations subsidiary, Saffron Tech, has raised $1.3 million through crowdfunding to continue R&D and execute its go-to-market strategy. Saffron Tech aims

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