Bayer Crop Science Investment In Ukraine

Bayer to Invest €60M in Ukraine’s Corn Seed Production Facility

To show its support for the nation and expand its Crop Science division, Bayer has announced a €60 million investment in its corn seed manufacturing plant in Pochuiky, Ukraine. To ensure the safety of the Ukrainian coworkers, the investment will also involve building two bomb shelters, a new seed dryer, cutting-edge agricultural field equipment, storage facilities, and a new seed dryer. The investment initiative highlights Bayer’s commitment to Ukraine and its farming communities while assisting in the region’s economic recovery.

Bayer has operated in Ukraine for several years and is dedicated to the nation, its citizens, and rural communities. The financial commitment to Pochuiky is consistent with Bayer’s ongoing initiatives to assist its personnel, clients, and the people of Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion. Employees still receive salaries from Bayer and extra perks, including housing, relocation assistance, and financial support.

“Our investment reaffirms our commitment, which is in complete harmony with our mission of ‘Health for all, hunger for none,'” said Matthias Berninger, Head of Public Affairs, Science, and Sustainability at Bayer, “and highlights the crucial role of the country in the global food supply chain.” Furthermore, to protect the safety of the Ukrainian coworkers who have been running the facility and carrying out this investment project under very trying conditions, the investment involves the construction of two bomb shelters.

The German government’s first commercial delegation to visit Ukraine since the start of the war invested in Pochuiky through Bayer. Before the conflict, the business invested over €200 million to start producing corn seeds using a network of knowledgeable Ukrainian farmers and the greenfield Pochuiky seed processing facility. One of the principal investments in the area is Bayer, with its facility. With this investment, Bayer hopes to strengthen its relationships with Ukraine and its farming communities while helping restore the local economy.

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