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Bee Vectoring Technologies Secures Order With US Blueberry Grower

Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. (BVT) has announced a record-setting sales order from one of the largest blueberry growers in the United States. The agreement will see the integration of BVT’s Vectorite with CR-7, a proprietary biological fungicide, into the grower’s operations in the Pacific Northwest for the upcoming season.

“This large-scale grower operates in multiple key growing regions and plans to implement the BVT system across over 500 acres in Washington and Oregon,” reported Ian Collinson, Sales Manager at BVT. “Such a substantial commitment from a first-time user signals the growing confidence in our system, as traditionally growers start with small acreage trials before committing to larger implementations.”

Following this season, BVT will have the opportunity to expand its presence further in Oregon and extend its relationship into California, where the grower also has significant acreage.

Collinson highlighted this significant order as another sign of increasing momentum for Bee Vectoring Technologies in the Pacific Northwest region, which holds significant growth potential for the company, given the large blueberry acreage in Washington and Oregon.

The grower’s decision was influenced by their observation of BVT trials conducted in the Pacific Northwest during the 2022 growing season, which experienced high disease incidence.

Trial data from 2022 confirmed that the BVT system, either combined with growers’ standard sprays or used as a replacement for some sprays, effectively suppresses the mummy berry disease (Monilinia), a significant fungal threat to blueberry crops in the region. This leads to improved crop yield and quality and an increase in the growers’ Return on Investment (ROI).

For example, a grower who initially had a high % disease incidence of 40% on their farm could significantly lower their crop’s disease rate using the BVT treatment system, substantially boosting their ROI.

Further data revealed that BVT-treated berries were, on average, 7.3% larger and 26.67% heavier than berries treated only with standard spray programs. Crops are priced based on weight and size, increasing overall ROI for growers.

Ryan Dragoo, PNW Territory Manager at BVT, commented: “The customer assessed the trial data and was thoroughly impressed with the BVT system’s performance for disease management. The strong trial results and their mandate to adopt new technology and different modes of action for combating fungal disease clearly demonstrated the value proposition BVT offers for their crops.”

Photo by Alex Ushakoff on Unsplash 

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