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Bevo Farms Partners with IUNU and Corvus Drones

Bevo Farms partners with IUNU and Corvus Drones to harness computer vision and AI for enhanced propagation business.

Bevo Farms, a leading supplier of wholesale vegetables and floral plants in North America, has announced a partnership with IUNU and Corvus Drones to implement computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) software in its propagation business. The collaboration revealed just ahead of the Cultivate’23 event organized by AmericanHort in Ohio, highlights Bevo Farms’ commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction through technological advancements.

With over 83 acres of growing space, Bevo Farms places a strong emphasis on producing high-quality plants in a modern and hygienic environment. Automation has been a focus for the company in driving operational efficiency, and this recent investment further solidifies its dedication to customer-centric practices.

Peter Kuijvenhoven, the COO of Bevo Farms, emphasized the importance of constantly evaluating systems and technologies to enhance production for customers. The integration of Corvus Drones’ imaging capabilities and IUNU’s AI software will provide Bevo Farms with the means to capture frequent crop images and automate inventory counting processes. Moreover, the real-time information generated by these technologies will enable Bevo Farms’ sales and operations teams to effectively communicate with customers, adding significant value to the business.

The partnership between Corvus Drones and IUNU involves an intellectual property license agreement, allowing the companies to jointly offer an integrated solution to growers. By leveraging IUNU’s expertise in computer vision and AI, and Corvus Drones’ fully automated drone solution for imaging, greenhouse operators will have access to a cost-effective tool for inventory tracking and early growth metrics analysis.

Frans-Peter Dechering, the Founder of Corvus Drones, praised IUNU’s world-class computer vision solution as highly complementary to their autonomous drone technology. He expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration’s potential to deliver significant value to customers, starting with Bevo Farms. Similarly, Adam Greenberg, the CEO of IUNU, shared his excitement about delivering an integrated solution that will drive value not only for Bevo Farms but also for other industry players.

Growers attending Cultivate’23 can learn more about the solutions offered by IUNU at Booth #313 and Corvus Drones at Booth #3736.

Corvus Drones, founded in 2019 as part of the Wageningen University innovation ecosystem, specializes in autonomous greenhouse drones for monitoring crop health and growth. Their fully automated loop, from data collection to reporting, saves scouting time, reduces crop risks, and enhances supply chain efficiency. The ease of use and benefits of their Drone-as-a-Service model has been well-received by breeders and plant growers across Europe.

IUNU, established in 2013 and headquartered in Seattle, is dedicated to advancing greenhouse autonomy and becoming the leading controlled environment specialist. Their flagship platform, LUNA, combines software with high-definition cameras and environmental sensors to monitor plant growth and health in indoor agricultural settings. LUNA’s objective is to transform commercial greenhouses into precise, predictable, demand-based manufacturing facilities that optimize yield, labor, and product quality.

The collaboration between Bevo Farms, IUNU, and Corvus Drones exemplifies the integration of cutting-edge technology in the agriculture industry. By harnessing the power of computer vision, AI, and drone capabilities, growers can enhance their operations, improve crop quality, and meet the increasing demands of customers in a rapidly evolving market.

Image provided by Bevo Farms

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