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Biobest Group N.V. Acquires Agrotech Gartenbautechnik

Biobest Group N.V. strengthens its position in the horticulture industry with the acquisition of Agrotech Gartenbautechnik.

Biobest Group N.V. has announced its acquisition of Agrotech Gartenbautechnik. The partnership between these two industry leaders is poised to reshape the landscape of sustainable agriculture, biocontrol, and integrated pest management (IPM) solutions.

Agrotech Gartenbautechnik, established in 1998, has emerged as a key player in the supply of cutting-edge horticultural and crop protection products. Its portfolio includes a wide array of offerings tailored to the high-tech horticultural vegetable industry, ranging from biological solutions and fertilizers to cocopeat substrates, crop protection products, horticultural equipment, machinery, and even vegetable young plants. The company’s specialized focus on biocontrol and pollination programs that earned it a notable reputation among growers in Austria and neighboring countries.

One of the pivotal aspects of this acquisition is Agrotech’s longstanding partnership with Biobest Group N.V., a global leader in biological control solutions. For nearly two decades, Agrotech has exclusively distributed Biobest’s products and provided technical guidance to growers. The acquisition not only cements this partnership but also paves the way for Agrotech to tap into Biobest’s extensive technical expertise and innovative product portfolio. This includes access to Biobest Academy, an invaluable resource for growers seeking to leverage the latest advancements in sustainable farming practices.

The partnership is set to bring about a synergy of knowledge and resources. The collaboration between Agrotech and Biobest promises to revolutionize biocontrol practices and bolster integrated pest management strategies across the Austrian agricultural landscape. With the increasing emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices, the acquisition comes at an opportune time to propel the growth of biocontrol solutions.

Roman Kölbl, Managing Director of Agrotech, expressed enthusiasm for the rapidly expanding biocontrol industry worldwide. He highlighted the trend among growers to explore biocontrol options before resorting to traditional agrochemical alternatives. The acquisition empowers Agrotech to provide tailored advice and proactive solutions that align with the evolving needs of growers. Furthermore, the availability of biopesticides is fostering the adoption of IPM strategies, contributing to the growth of biocontrol practices in agriculture.

Marc Mertens, CSO of Biobest Group N.V., echoed Kölbl’s sentiments and highlighted the potential of the Austrian market. This acquisition, he noted, reflects Biobest’s strong belief in the growth opportunities within this region. By integrating Agrotech into its network, Biobest seeks to fortify its presence in Austria and enhance its support for local growers, ultimately promoting the widespread adoption of biocontrol methods for crop protection. Dirk Aerts, Sales & Market Development Manager of Biobest Group, emphasized the significance of this step for the Austrian market. He pointed out that the combined strengths of Agrotech and Biobest would result in a holistic offering for growers, encompassing a diverse range of products and services. Aerts underscored Agrotech’s reputation for excellent customer service and affirmed that the company would remain a steadfast partner to its suppliers.

The acquisition of Agrotech Gartenbautechnik by Biobest Group N.V. heralds a new era of innovation and collaboration in the horticulture and crop protection industry. This partnership is expected to propel the adoption of sustainable practices, biocontrol solutions, and integrated pest management strategies among Austrian growers. With both companies committed to excellence and customer-centric solutions, the acquisition is poised to create a lasting impact on the future of agriculture.

Image provided by Biobest Group N.V.

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