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BioConsortia Expands Field Trials & Closes Financing Round

BioConsortia, a biotech company focused on developing agricultural microbial solutions, has announced its most extensive field trials program. The program includes hundreds of tests planned or underway for the 2023 field season. It represents the final development stage of BioConsortia’s new products for nitrogen fixation, nematode control, disease control, and plant biostimulation. The field trials are intended to demonstrate the company’s broad pipeline, which features solutions for nematodes, adverse effects of nitrogen use, and food waste.

BioConsortia’s proprietary field trials will complement programs planned by potential commercial collaborators and existing partners like The Mosaic Company. Third parties will conduct field testing in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and North American markets to increase their understanding of the company’s products. The biotech firm relies on commercial partners to bring its microbial products to market as seed treatments, foliar or in-furrow sprays, and post-harvest applications that increase and protect agricultural yield.

BioConsortia CEO Marcus Meadows-Smith said that 2023 represents the company’s broadest BioConsortia-directed field testing program yet, with a wide variety of products in late-stage development. These field trials will emphasize the company’s focus on unleashing the power of microbes to meet the world’s food needs while reducing agriculture’s ecological impact.

BioConsortia recently closed an internal financing round led by existing investor Otter Capital. The new funds are sufficient to take the company through its next value inflection point. BioConsortia plans to use the capital to fuel international growth, expand its ecosystem of commercial partners, and advance its pipeline of transformational agricultural products.

The field trials and financing rounds are essential milestones for BioConsortia as it seeks to develop microbial solutions that can help sustainably meet the world’s food needs. With agriculture facing increasing pressure to produce more food with less environmental impact, BioConsortia’s work has the potential to be a game-changer for the industry.

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