Bluelab and Micro Grow Partner Up to Elevate Commercial Growing Solutions
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Bluelab and Micro Grow Partner Up to Elevate Commercial Growing Solutions

In a momentous joint declaration at Cultivate 2023, global agricultural technology firm Bluelab and California-based Micro Grow Control Systems unveiled a new strategic partnership aimed at expanding customizable commercial growing solutions for growers across the globe.

Temecula-based Micro Grow, renowned for its diverse offerings, including watering systems, sensors, misting, fogging, and custom-built contractor cabinets, is set to leverage the expansive nutrient management capabilities of Bluelab’s Autogrow product line. The collaboration will bolster Micro Grow’s already formidable interphase cabinets and motor controls, making them even more efficient and beneficial for their clients which include Fortune 500 companies, universities, and prominent research institutions.

On the other hand, New Zealand-based Bluelab, with a global presence, has earned a strong reputation in the agtech sector through its innovative handheld monitors, controllers, and comprehensive commercial automation solutions for irrigation, fertigation, and climate control.

The Autogrow by Bluelab product line, known for its high customization capacity, enables growers to adapt their growing parameters according to their specific needs and preferences, offering flexibility during installation and throughout the growing process. This adaptability, made possible through the partnership, will give growers the freedom to adjust their methods according to what they grow or how they choose to grow.

Adding momentum to the partnership, Kelley Nicholson, previously Autogrow Sales Director, has recently joined the Micro Grow team as Sales Engineer. Nicholson brings her profound technical knowledge of Autogrow products to the Micro Grow team, further reinforcing the synergy between the two companies.

Peter Maher, Bluelab’s National Sales Director of the Americas, expressed satisfaction with the partnership at Cultivate 2023. He highlighted Nicholson’s role, saying, “Kelley will continue to focus on driving sales and success of the Autogrow by Bluelab product line in the agricultural market, leveraging the strong relationships that the Micro Grow team has fostered in the greenhouse space.”

Moreover, Jono Jones, CEO of Bluelab, acknowledged the partnership’s potential to make a significant business impact. “Together, we can unlock more potential and help more growers with customizable solutions in their greenhouse environment,” Jones said. He added that they are excited to work with Nicholson and the Micro Grow team as valued commercial partners.

In an era of unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the agriculture industry, the Bluelab-Micro Grow partnership symbolizes a forward-thinking, synergistic approach to empower growers with state-of-the-art, customizable solutions. The combined expertise and technology of both companies are anticipated to deliver enhanced solutions for growers, pushing the boundaries of commercial agriculture.

Image provided by Bluelab

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