Bluelab Launches New Guardian Monitors with Wi-Fi Connectivity
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Bluelab Launches New Guardian Monitors with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Agri-tech industry leader, Bluelab, revealed its latest innovation today: the new Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi (BGUSTD02) and Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi Inline (BGUNLN02). These state-of-the-art monitors, the first of their kind in the Bluelab product suite, now support an optional connection to the Edenic software via Wi-Fi, thereby enhancing the reach and functionality of the monitoring tools.

This launch follows the success of the initial Bluelab Guardian Connect, maintaining the trusted accuracy and reliability the brand is known for in the agri-tech industry.

The paramount importance of specific growth parameters – pH, conductivity, and temperature – to successful plant growth has been underscored by scientific studies. For instance, research by the Center for Applied Horticulture found that petunias demonstrated a 50% growth increase at pH 4.5 as compared to any other pH value. Conversely, an imbalance in these parameters can lead to poor nutrient uptake, adversely affecting crop yield and causing potential loss. With the Guardian Monitor’s capabilities, growers can now prevent such detrimental risks more efficiently.

Byron Arnold, Head of Product at Bluelab, praised the new products: “The Bluelab Guardian Wi-Fi and Bluelab Guardian Wi-Fi Inline open up exciting possibilities for growers of all sizes. Our mission was to retain all the essential features that growers appreciate, such as simple calibration and plant-safe LEDs. Now, growers can access vital nutrient pH and conductivity data at their fingertips via an easy-to-use mobile app. In addition, when paired with Edenic, the Bluelab Guardian Monitor ensures growers that their reservoir is in the best possible condition.”

The Edenic software allows growers to check their parameters anytime and from any location remotely. In addition, the setup is straightforward, allowing seamless integration with the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi devices.

Bobby Barnes, Bluelab’s Head of Software, commented on the new offering, “Our priority has been to provide an unparalleled user experience, emphasizing simplicity and ease of use. Features like real-time monitoring, instant alarms, remote control, and history reporting allow growers to maintain a constant connection to their plants. Customer feedback on Edenic has been overwhelmingly positive, and we aim to continue enhancing our service by adding new features and capabilities.”

This step forward for Bluelab signifies an advancement in the agri-tech industry, offering growers a more comprehensive and convenient way to ensure optimal crop growth conditions. In addition, the company continues to raise the bar in providing reliable and advanced solutions for agricultural growth and monitoring.

Image provided by Bluelab

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