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Bunge Unveils Regenerative Agriculture Program In Brazil

Bunge Regenerative Agriculture Program in Brazil

Bunge, a global leader in agribusiness, has announced the launch of a new regenerative agriculture program to assist Brazilian farmers in transitioning to low-carbon agriculture. The program, designed to support global efforts to minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, will offer technical support, tools, products, and services at no cost to farmers.

According to a statement from the company, there is a growing demand for sustainable agriculture products. The company aims to provide farmers with accurate and detailed data to help them determine if they need to implement corrective or improvement measures to support their efforts toward regenerative agriculture.

The program fosters productivity development and cost savings by using agricultural best practices. These methods attempt to improve soil fertility and health, increase CO2 storage in the earth, promote biological variety, improve soil water retention and infiltration, and improve energy consumption and agricultural input management.

The program comprises three steps tailored to the unique characteristics of each property: 

  1. Analyze the farm’s present regenerative agriculture techniques.
  2. Creating a personalized action plan for each diagnosis, showing the most effective regenerative techniques that may be introduced and enhanced, including technical aid for the transition to sustainable agriculture.
  3. Market access – Bunge will link participating farmers with supply chain partners looking for sustainable goods.

The regenerative agriculture program already boasts the participation of dozens of large-scale farmers, covering approximately 250,000 hectares (~615,000 acres) of land in the Brazilian States of Bahia, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Paraná, Piauí, and Tocantins.

Bunge has created a team of partners to conduct the initiative, who will share tools and experience with participants to help them adopt regenerative techniques in their operations. The emphasis will be on tracking and assessing success and monetizing sustainable agriculture.

Orgeo, a vital program partner, is a joint venture between Bunge and UPL. Orgeo will collaborate with farmers, offering information and technology solutions to digitize agricultural data, enabling high-quality, low-carbon grain production with fewer inputs and less fuel.

According to Rossano de Angelis Jr, Vice President of Agribusiness in South America at Bunge, they believe that the program will enhance their relationship with farmers. With their partner Orígeo, they have developed a distinctive method of supporting farmers to guarantee their businesses’ success, profitability, and sustainability.



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