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80 Acres Farms Layoffs Linked To Industry & Other Collapses

80 Acres Farms has recently laid off about two dozen workers, representing less than 10 percent of its workforce. The Cincinnati Business Courier reported the layoffs and mentioned that it was unclear […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Indoor Farming

MSC World Europa’s Innovative Chef’s Garden Kitchen

Cruise ship dining is about to take a significant leap forward by introducing the Chef’s Garden Kitchen, a new restaurant concept on the MSC World Europa®. Docked in Doha, Qatar, […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate

Lakeside Produce Files for Bankruptcy Owing $188 Million to Creditors

Leamington, ON-based greenhouse grower Lakeside Produce Inc. has filed for bankruptcy, owing $188 million (Canadian) to creditors. The company, which specializes in growing conventional and organic fresh produce such as […]

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Aeroponics AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Partnerships

Aeroponic Greenhouse System To Be Installed In France

CleanGreens Solutions SA and Midiflore have joined forces to bring sustainable herb production to a new greenhouse project. The companies have signed a contract to install a 3,500 square meter […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Cultures Videos

Regenerative Agriculture and Energy Efficiency

Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that aims to restore and revitalize land to improve soil health and boost biodiversity. The ultimate goal of regenerative agriculture is to establish […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Shipping Container Farm

Shipping Containers: A Sustainable Solution for Indoor Farming?

Indoor farming, including large-scale warehouses and greenhouse farms, has become increasingly popular. However, Don Taylor mentioned in his latest article that these farms require a significant amount of carbon-intensive inputs such as […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Hydroponics Indoor Farming Partnerships University Research

Boosting Tomato Yields in Qatar: A Collaboration With Texas A&M

An ambitious study aimed at increasing tomato production in Qatar is currently in progress. The project, named “Environment & Hydroponic Strategies to Enhance Tomato Stress Tolerance, Productivity, and Quality in […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Education

Leveraging Indoor Farming At School

AEssenseFresh delivered additional capacity this week to the AEtrium-2.1 SmartFarm at Green Bay Southwest High School. The SmartFarm, run by an Agriscience teacher, Tom Sebranek, utilizes precision sensor and software-controlled aeroponic systems to […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate

What Can Be The Impact Of Indoor Farming On Local Economy?

What can be the impact of indoor farming on the local economy? Indoor farming is becoming an increasingly important solution for sustainable food production and economic growth as the world’s […]

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Corporate Indoor Farming

Signify Introduces Far-Red Grow Light for Van Wordragen

Signify, a world-leading lighting company has provided Van Wordragen Flowers BV, a chrysanthemum grower in the Netherlands, with LED installations that include an adjustable far-red light spectrum. According to research […]

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