AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Stock Market

CubicFarms Leases FreshHub to Expand Indoor Farming Technology

CubicFarm Systems Corp. (TSX: CUB), also known as CubicFarms, has announced the lease of FreshHub machinery and equipment to Langley Indoor Produce. The FreshHub Transaction, approved by CubicFarms’ Special Committee […]

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Economy Horticulture

Zimbabwe’s Horticulture Sector: Stagnant Despite Increased Prices

Zimbabwe’s horticulture export earnings remained unchanged at $71 million from Jan-Nov 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, despite a decrease in products sold and logistics issues such as […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate

Saffron Tech, Raises $1.3 Million Through Crowdfunding

Sativus Tech Corporations subsidiary, Saffron Tech, has raised $1.3 million through crowdfunding to continue R&D and execute its go-to-market strategy. Saffron Tech aims to produce a consistent, pure, high-grade, and […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Digital Solutions Funding Round

Sollum Technologies Secures $30M To Fuel Expansion

Sollum Technologies, a leading provider of smart LED lighting solutions for greenhouse growers, has closed a $30 million financing round. The funding, which includes $25 million from Idealist Capital and […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Vertical Farming

Scotish Case Study Looks At Green Vertical Farming

A study conducted by Frances Sandison, Jagadeesh Yeluripati, Derek Stewart looked at the potential for Green vertical farming and its environmental effect compared to more traditional or conventional farming methods. ` “Climate […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Urban Farming

How NEOM’s Linear City Will Feed its Residents?

The Line is a proposed 170 km (110 mi) long and 5 km (3.1 mi) wide city that is part of the ambitious NEOM project in Saudi Arabia. The city, […]

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AgTech Aquaponics Controlled Environment Agriculture

Aquaponics: A Sustainable & Efficient Farming Method?

Aquaponics is considered a sustainable and efficient method of farming that combines raising fish (aquaculture) with growing plants (hydroponics) in a closed system. The waste produced by the fish provides […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Stock Market

Kalera (NASDAQ:KAL) Further Cost-Cutting Measures

In order to reduce operational costs by around $4.9 million annually, Kalera (NASDAQ:KAL) intends to temporarily suspend production at its farms in Orlando and Atlanta. The Houston farm will provide […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Partnerships

IOTech Join Forces With

To speed up innovation in the developing markets for smart farming, IOTech, a leading-edge software provider, established cooperation with LATERAL Systems LLC. Smart regenerative agricultural solutions will be made possible […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Digital Solutions

Veea, Trilogy, and Microclimates: A Partnership for Precision Greenhouse Automation and Increased Efficiency

Microclimates is a newly established business that specializes in all stages of data collection and process management for climate-controlled settings. Veea and Trilogy Networks have teamed with Microclimates. Hurst Farms […]

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