Insect Farming

Our ‘Insect Farming’ category begins by introducing this innovative and sustainable practice. It explains how farming insects is becoming an integral part of agriculture technology. It offers an overview of the types of insects commonly farmed and the primary methodologies used in their cultivation.

Insects as a Source of Sustainable Protein

The category’s significant focus is on insects’ role in protein production. This section delves into how insects provide a high-quality, sustainable protein source, examining their nutritional value and the efficiency of insect farming compared to traditional livestock. It highlights insects’ potential to meet global protein demands.

Waste Reduction and Management

Insect farming is also recognized for its benefits in waste management. This part of the coverage explores how insects can efficiently convert organic waste into valuable biomass, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable agricultural ecosystem. It also discusses the potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through insect farming.

Contribution to Soil Health

The category addresses how insects can enhance soil health. It covers the role of insects in creating bioavailable nutrients for plants, improving soil structure, and promoting biodiversity. This section underscores the importance of insects in maintaining healthy and productive agricultural soils.

Technological Advancements

Finally, the category examines the integration of technology in its cultivation. It discusses advancements such as automated feeding and harvesting systems, climate-controlled environments, and data-driven approaches to optimize insect growth and production. This section highlights how technology is driving the efficiency and scalability of insect farming.

In summary, our category comprehensively explores how this sustainable practice is being integrated into agriculture technology. It covers the basics, its role in protein production and waste reduction, its contribution to soil health, and the technological advancements enhancing its efficacy and sustainability.

Insect Farming Partnerships

Nasekomo & Siemens Forge Strategic Partnership During COP28

Key Takeaways: Siemens Bulgaria and Nasekomo announced a strategic partnership at COP 28. The collaboration focuses on digitalizing insect biotransformation to meet growing.

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Bühler and NRGene Announce Strategic Partnership

Today marks a significant leap forward for the rapidly evolving black soldier fly (BSF) industry as Swiss technology group Bühler and Israeli genomics.

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Insect Farming

Nasekomo’s Insect Center of Excellence

In July 2023, Nasekomo, the leading Bulgarian scale-up company, reached a significant milestone with the commencement of operations at its Insect Center of.

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Entosystem Inaugurates North America’s Largest Insect Production Facility in Québec

Québec-based Entosystem celebrated the inauguration of its new 100,000-square-foot production facility today. The facility, made possible by over $60 million in public and.

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AgriBusiness Funding Round Insect Farming Smart Farming

Insectta Bags $1.4M to Expand Insect Biomaterial Extraction Tech

In a move set to change the insect industry, Singapore-based startup Insectta has announced a successful funding round of $1.4 million. The Trendlines.

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Ÿnsect Inks MoU With Leading Korean R&D Center

On April 26th, at the “France-Korea” event arranged by French Tech and the French Embassy in Korea, Ÿnsect, the world leader in insect production,.

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Insect Farming: A Sustainable Solution to Global Protein Needs

The insect farming market is gaining traction as a sustainable and innovative solution for the world’s growing protein needs. With traditional sources of.

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Funding Round Insect Farming Investments & Funding Round

Entocycle Secures $5 Million Series A Investment

Entocycle, a UK insect technology company, has received a $5 million Series A investment led by Climentum Capital and other investors, including Lowercarbon.

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The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Invests in Protenga

Protenga, a technology production platform, has received investment from The Yield Lab Asia Pacific and other firms in the first close of its.

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