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BVT & BioSafe: Redefining Sustainable Agriculture

Key Takeaways: Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. (BVT) announces its inaugural sales order of Clonostachys rosea CR-7 (CR-7) proprietary microbe for the foliar.

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Aeroponics Controlled Environment Agriculture Nutrients

Biofortification Meets Aeroponics

Key Takeaways: Biofortification Revolution: Scientists from the John Innes Centre, LettUs Grow, and the Quadram Institute have successfully biofortified pea shoots with Vitamin B12.

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Corporate Crop Analysis Crop Protection Precision Ag

BVT Achieves Remarkable Growth

Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. (CSE: BEE) (OTCQB: BEVVF) is making waves in the agriculture industry with its groundbreaking precision agriculture system that.

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Agriculture Crop Protection Plant Science

Corteva’s Reklemel: Fighting Against Nematodes

Plant-parasitic nematodes, minuscule soil-dwelling organisms that feast on plant roots, pose a formidable challenge to the global agricultural sector. Their stealthy nature makes.

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AgTech Crop Protection

FarmSense Wins Top Spot at Bayer’s Grants4Tech Challenge

FarmSense, a pioneering agtech startup, proudly announces its crowning achievement today: winning the top accolade in Bayer’s esteemed global Grants4Tech Pest Monitor Challenge..

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Corporate Crop Protection Plant Science

ADAMA Launches Cosayr® and Lapidos® Insecticides in India

Global crop protection leader ADAMA Ltd. (SZSE: 000553) announced the introduction of two new insecticides, Cosayr® and Lapidos®, in the Indian market. These.

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Nutrients Plant Science Soil

Insights from Hanninghof’s Long-Term Sustainable Agriculture Trial

Researchers and farmers have sought ways to produce more food for decades to meet the demands of a rapidly growing global population. However,.

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Crop Protection

Study Reveals Potential of Microbe-Induced Gene Silencing for Sustainable Crop Protection

Key Takeaways Innovative Technology: The study introduces Microbe-Induced Gene Silencing (MIGS) technology, which uses beneficial rhizospheric fungi to induce RNA interference (RNAi) in.

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Biotech Crop Protection Partnerships Plant Science

Exacta Bioscience and Ginkgo Bioworks Join Forces

Exacta Bioscience and Ginkgo Bioworks have joined hands to revolutionize crop protection using cutting-edge biotechnology. The partnership aims to enhance Exacta’s crop protection.

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AgTech Nutrients Soil

Sound Agriculture Announces Fertilizer Replacement Guarantee

Agricultural technology company Sound Agriculture has announced an innovative fertilizer replacement guarantee for U.S. growers, the first program of its kind. This groundbreaking.

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