AgTech Crop Genomics Crop Protection

Global Genomic Analysis of Wheat Pathogen Reveals Evolutionary Threats

Human activity profoundly impacts the evolutionary trajectories of many species worldwide, including agricultural pathogens. Global trade of agricultural goods plays a crucial role in the dispersal of crop pathogens, reshaping […]

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AgTech Crop Protection

Vestaron Launches Sustainable Insecticide, Spear RC

Vestaron’s latest product, Spear RC, is a breakthrough in pest control for broad-acre crops such as cotton, soybean, and rice. Designed to target lepidopteran pests like cotton bollworm, soybean looper, […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Crop Protection

Certis Biologicals to Make Environmentally-Friendly SoilGard® Available to Growers Across All 50 States

Certis Biologicals is making SoilGard®, a microbial fungicide, available to growers across all 50 states through trusted retailers and distribution channels. SoilGard provides an environmentally-friendly tool to protect crops against […]

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AgTech Corporate Crop Genomics Partnerships

ICRISAT & Eagle Genomics Ink an MoU

The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) and Eagle Genomics have recently announced a new cooperation framework agreement to address global challenges in food security, nutrition, and […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Nutrients

Freight Farms Introduces Its New Line Of Hydroponic Nutrients

Freight Farms, a company that develops and implements innovative agricultural solutions, recently launched a new line of hydroponic nutrients called Farmhand. The product line consists of three components: Farmhand form, […]

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Crop Protection Cultures Vertical Farming

La Trinidad Promotes Elevated Farming to Fight Land Conversion

The municipal government of La Trinidad in Benguet’s capital, urges farmers to adopt elevated strawberry farming to increase their yield and battle the effects of land conversion. With limited space […]

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AgTech Corporate Crop Protection Funding Round

Robigo Secures a USD 6.85M Seed Funding

Robigo, a biomanufacturing company, has secured $6.85 million in seed funding to revolutionize crop protection solutions through its platform technology. The funding round was led by Congruent Ventures, a climate […]

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AgTech Corporate Crop Genomics Funding Round

Elo Life Systems Banks a $24.5M Series A

Elo Life Systems has recently secured a massive $24.5 million Series A financing round led by its existing investors, including AccelR8, Novo Holdings, and DCVC Bio. The company will use […]

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AgTech Crop Genomics Crop Protection

French AgTech Company Elicit Plant Validates Its Phystosterol-Based Tech

Elicit Plant’s technology platform uses phytosterols to enhance crop resistance to water stress, which has significant implications for sustainable agriculture. With the growing threat of water scarcity due to climate […]

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AgTech Corporate Crop Protection

ADAMA Strengthens its Crop Protection Capabilities with New Multi-Purpose Plant in Brazil

ADAMA, a leading global crop protection company, has announced opening of a new multi-purpose plant (MPP) in Taquari, Brazil. The MPP will produce vital active ingredients (AIs) for the crop […]

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