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The ‘Plant Science’ category on iGrow News is a specialized segment dedicated to exploring the latest in cutting-edge research, innovations, and practical applications within the fields of plant biology, genetics, and cultivation. This category serves as an essential resource for anyone keen on understanding the scientific advancements and their implications in the agricultural sector.

At the core of this category is a focus on groundbreaking research in plant biology. This encompasses in-depth coverage of topics such as plant physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. The category sheds light on how these scientific studies enhance our understanding of plant processes and functions, which is crucial for developing more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices.

Innovations in plant genetics form a significant part of the ‘Plant Science’ category. It highlights the latest developments in genetic engineering, genome editing, and plant breeding. These technological advancements are revolutionizing the way plants are cultivated, leading to the development of crops with improved traits such as higher yields, pest and disease resistance, and better nutritional profiles.

Additionally, the category delves into the practical applications of plant science in cultivation. It examines how scientific research is being translated into real-world agricultural practices. This includes the use of biotechnological techniques in crop improvement, the development of sustainable farming practices, and the implementation of precision agriculture.

The ‘Plant Science’ category aims to provide its readers with a comprehensive understanding of the exciting developments in the field of plant science. It is a valuable resource for researchers, agronomists, farmers, and anyone interested in the future of agriculture. Through this category, iGrow News offers a platform to stay informed about the scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations that are shaping the world of plant cultivation.

Plant Science Research

The Impact of Reduced Internode 1 (rin1) in High-Density Planting

Key Takeaways Enhanced Soybean Yield: According to a study by Li et al., 2023, rin1, a mutant allele, has significantly improved grain yield.

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AgriBusiness Financial Results Plant Science Stock Market

Corteva Agriscience News: Herbicides Cleared for Broader Use

Key Highlights Comprehensive ESA Review Completed: Corteva Agriscience’s Enlist® herbicides have successfully undergone an extensive Endangered Species Act (ESA) consultation process. Final Biological.

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Biotech Crop Genomics Plant Science

Cibus Inc.’s Milestone in Gene Editing for Agriculture

Key Takeaways: Breakthrough in Plant Breeding: Cibus Inc. has published a significant paper on gene editing in Brassica napus, showcasing a substantial advancement in.

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Appointments Plant Science

Moa Technology Welcomes New Chairman Hartmut van Lengerich

Key Takeaways Leadership Change at Moa Technology: Hartmut van Lengerich, former Bayer SVP, was appointed as Chairman of Moa Technology. Van Lengerich’s Extensive.

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Crop Protection Plant Science

Ascribe Bioscience Submits Phytalix® for EPA Registration

Key Takeaways: EPA Submission: Ascribe Bioscience has submitted Phytalix®, a biofungicide, for US Environmental Protection Agency registration. Innovative Solution: Phytalix offers an innovative,.

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Plant Science Stock Market

Biotalys Latest News: Strategic Focus & Organizational Changes

Key Takeaways Biotalys shifts focus to second-generation AGROBODY™ technology under new CEO Kevin Helash. The company updates its product pipeline and undergoes significant.

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Grants Plant Science

CDFA Announces Funding for Sustainable Pest Management in San Joaquin Valley

Key Takeaways CDFA awards $490,000 to CURES for sustainable pest management using pheromone disruption. The project targets navel orangeworm (NOW) in almond, pistachio,.

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AgriBusiness Innovation Plant Science

Lavie Bio Expands Yalos™ to Durum and Barley

Key Takeaways: Product Expansion and Rebranding: Lavie Bio Ltd., a subsidiary of Evogene Ltd., has expanded its microbiome-based product, now rebranded as Yalos™ (formerly.

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AgriBusiness Partnerships Plant Science Stock Market Sustainable Agriculture

Yara Latest News: Introduces New Biostimulant

Key Takeaways YaraAmplix Launch: Yara International Introduces YaraAmplix, a new biostimulant brand. Climate Change Impact: Addressing agricultural challenges due to rising global temperatures..

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AgriBusiness Biotech Funding Round

AgroSpheres Banks Expansion of $25M Series B

Key Takeaways: AgroSpheres Expansion: AgroSpheres, a leader in sustainable crop protection, has completed its $25 million Series B funding round. Strategic Investment: FMC.

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