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Can China Achieve Self-Sufficiency in Maize Production By 2030?

A recent study by Luo et al. (2023) has revealed that China can achieve self-sufficiency in maize production by using optimal planting density.

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Dow Launches Innovative Online Tool to Accelerate Agricultural Formulation Development

Through its Industrial Solutions business, Dow (NYSE: DOW) has launched an online tool, DOW™ Crop Solver, designed to expedite agricultural formulation development. The.

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Researchers Identify Versatile Anterograde Transporter in Plants

A groundbreaking study by Yoshida, Hakozaki, and Goshima (2023) has identified the long-sought-after versatile anterograde transporter in plants. This discovery of a motor.

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Nutrients Plant Science

Ancient Organics Bioscience Launches PaleoPower

Ancient Organics Bioscience, Inc. has announced the commercial launch of its new revolutionary product, PaleoPower, which is designed to break down glyphosate contamination.

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Biotech Funding Round Investments & Funding Round

Solarea Bio Raises $15M in Series B Financing

Solarea Bio, a clinical-stage biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has announced a first closing of $15 million in a Series B financing.

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Plant Disease Outbreaks and Climate Change: A Growing Concern

A recent study by Singh et al. (2023) highlights the significant risks that plant disease outbreaks pose to global food security and environmental.

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Nutrition Technologies Launches Diptia™, a Bioactive Fertilizer

Nutrition Technologies, an innovative insect sector company, announced its new bioactive organic fertilizer, Diptia™, on May 5, 2023. Diptia™ is designed and formulated.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Plant Science Smart Farming

Biobest Group to Acquire BioWorks, Inc.

Biobest Group, a worldwide leader in biological control and pollination, plans to acquire BioWorks, Inc. This company is based in Victor, NY, and.

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Plant Science Smart Farming

French Government Launches Ecological Planning Project

During the International Agriculture Fair on February 27, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced the launch of an ecological planning project focusing on.

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Changing Bio to Launch Mycoprotein Products

Shanghai-based biotech company Changing Bio was founded in 2020 to unlock the nutritional potential of limited resources efficiently. The company has completed three.

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