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The ‘Plant Science’ category on iGrow News is a specialized segment dedicated to exploring the latest in cutting-edge research, innovations, and practical applications within the fields of plant biology, genetics, and cultivation. This category serves as an essential resource for anyone keen on understanding the scientific advancements and their implications in the agricultural sector.

At the core of this category is a focus on groundbreaking research in plant biology. This encompasses in-depth coverage of topics such as plant physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. The category sheds light on how these scientific studies enhance our understanding of plant processes and functions, which is crucial for developing more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices.

Innovations in plant genetics form a significant part of the ‘Plant Science’ category. It highlights the latest developments in genetic engineering, genome editing, and plant breeding. These technological advancements are revolutionizing the way plants are cultivated, leading to the development of crops with improved traits such as higher yields, pest and disease resistance, and better nutritional profiles.

Additionally, the category delves into the practical applications of plant science in cultivation. It examines how scientific research is being translated into real-world agricultural practices. This includes the use of biotechnological techniques in crop improvement, the development of sustainable farming practices, and the implementation of precision agriculture.

The ‘Plant Science’ category aims to provide its readers with a comprehensive understanding of the exciting developments in the field of plant science. It is a valuable resource for researchers, agronomists, farmers, and anyone interested in the future of agriculture. Through this category, iGrow News offers a platform to stay informed about the scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations that are shaping the world of plant cultivation.

Biotech Plant Science Smart Farming

Elicit Plant’s Breakthrough in Agri-Biotech

Key Takeaways: European Market Expansion: Elicit Plant, a French agri-biotech startup, has received European registration for its EliTerra® technology-driven products, marking a significant.

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Deals Plant Science

American Vanguard’s OHP Becomes Master Distributor for Certis Biologicals in U.S. Non-Crop Markets

Key Takeaways: OHP Inc., part of American Vanguard Company, to distribute Certis Biologicals’ products in U.S. non-crop markets. The agreement includes popular biopesticides.

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Partnerships Plant Science

Pattern Ag & Stine Seed Forge Strategic Partnership to Combat Corn Rootworm

Key Takeaways: Pattern Ag and Stine Seed announce a strategic partnership to address Corn Rootworm. The collaboration has led to the development of.

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Funding Round Plant Science

Toopi Organics Secures €8.4M Funding For Agricultural Valorization

Key Takeaways: Toopi Organics has received an €8.4 million grant from the European Innovation Council Accelerator. The funding will support the development of.

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AgriBusiness Plant Science

MustGrow Biologics Launches TerraSante™ in Washington State

Key Takeaways: MustGrow Biologics Corp. receives Washington State Department of Agriculture Fertilizer Registration for TerraSante™. TerraSante™, an organic mustard plant-based fertilizer, is now.

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Financial Results Plant Science Stock Market

Nufarm Reports Solid Financial Performance Amidst Global Challenges

Key Takeaways: Nufarm’s statutory net profit after tax increased by 3% to $111 million. The company is on track to meet its FY26.

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AgriBusiness Deals Plant Science Policy & Regulation Stock Market

Yield10 Bioscience News: USDA-APHIS Approves Camelina Sativa

Key Takeaways: Yield10 Bioscience’s glufosinate tolerant Camelina sativa receives regulatory clearance from USDA-APHIS. This approval marks a significant commercial milestone for Yield10, enabling.

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Financial Results Plant Science Stock Market

Verde AgriTech Q3 2023: Sales Volume Decline

Key Takeaways Sales Volume Decline: Verde Agritech sales volume decreased to 108,000 tons in Q3 2023 from 189,000 tons in Q3 2022. Revenue.

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Plant Science

Wisconsin DATCP Launches Nitrogen Optimization Pilot Program

Key Takeaways: Grant Application Opportunity: Wisconsin farmers and cooperating entities can apply for research grants until January 31, 2024. Focus on Nitrogen Optimization:.

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AgriBusiness Biotech Crop Protection Plant Science Stock Market

Syngenta Latest News: Strategic Alliance For Soybeans Protection

Key Takeaways Innovative Collaboration: InnerPlant, Syngenta, and John Deere have announced a pioneering joint effort to develop an integrated solution targeting fungal diseases in.

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