The ‘Economy’ category in agriculture technology provides an in-depth examination of the financial trends, policy changes, and market dynamics that are influencing the agri-tech sector. This category is essential for understanding the economic environment surrounding agricultural technology and its impact on innovation and growth in the field.

Financial Trends in Agri-Tech

A major focus of this category is on the financial trends that are shaping the agri-tech industry. This includes analysis of investment patterns, funding sources, and financial performances of key players in the sector. By exploring these trends, the category offers insights into the economic health of the agri-tech industry and its future prospects.

Policy Changes Affecting Agri-Tech

Policy changes, both at national and international levels, play a critical role in the development of agriculture technology. This section examines recent policy shifts and their implications for agri-tech companies, farmers, and investors. It includes discussions on subsidies, regulatory changes, and government initiatives aimed at supporting or regulating the agri-tech sector.

Market Dynamics in Agri-Tech

Understanding the market dynamics is crucial for navigating the agri-tech industry. This part of the category delves into the supply and demand forces, competition, and market entry barriers within agri-tech. It also explores the roles of various stakeholders, including large corporations, startups, and farmers, in shaping these dynamics.

Overall, the ‘Economy’ category serves as a comprehensive guide to the financial and policy aspects of the agri-tech industry. It provides valuable insights for stakeholders looking to understand the economic factors that drive innovation, investment, and growth in agricultural technology.


US Inflation Slows More Than Expected at 7.1%

Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) rose 0.1 percent in November on a seasonally adjusted basis, after increasing 0.4 percent in.

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What Will The Food Sector Look Like in 2023?

In a press release, RizePoint foresees what the food sector will look like in 2023. Their top 10 predictions include a focus on.

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Americas Controlled Environment Agriculture Economy

International Fresh Produce Association Feedback On USDA NIFA

On December the 1st, the International Fresh Produce Association commented on the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) regarding programs put in.

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Economy Emerging Markets Horticulture

Zimbabwe To Dedicate USD 30M To a Horticulture Revolving Fund

As part of a funding package secured under the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Zimbabwe is dedicating USD 30M (Of a total of USD.

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New Zealand Horticulture Expects 5% Growth Despite Frost

In the year ending June 30, 2023, it is anticipated that export earnings from horticulture would rise by 5% to $7.1 billion. High.

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What Are The Emerging Markets in Indoor Farming?

Indoor farms have witnessed impressive growth in recent years, especially in western/occidental countries that have been in the spotlight. Other regions such as.

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CEA Will Lead To Important Transitions Within The Farming Industry Over The Next Decade

A variety of reports have highlighted how broken our food supply is and the lack of viable solutions brought to the farming industry.

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Qatar Plans New Economic Era Post World Cup 2022

An informative panel discussion shed light on how Qatar is diversifying its economy after the FIFA World Cup, organized by OCO Global and.

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Iran Looms Indoor Farming For The Future of Its Agriculture Industry

Iran, the largest country in the Persian Gulf by population had to endure years of sanctions forcing its agriculture sector to rely on.

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Economy EMEA

UK Inflation Hits 10.1% a 40-Year High

The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rose by 10.1% in the 12 months to September 2022, up from 9.9% in August and returning to.

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