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CDFA Announces Funding for Sustainable Pest Management in San Joaquin Valley

Key Takeaways CDFA awards $490,000 to CURES for sustainable pest management using pheromone disruption. The project targets navel orangeworm (NOW) in almond, pistachio,.

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Highlights from the Global Food System Challenge

Key Takeaways: Significant Global Participation: The Challenge, with a prize pool of $1 million, received over 900 submissions from 78 countries, emphasizing its.

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Education Grants

Restoration of Crucial Urban Agriculture Funding in New York

Key Takeaways Restoration of Funding: New York Sun Works applauds the restoration of $8.5 million in funding for the Office of Urban Agriculture.

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Grants Mushroom Farming Plant Science

Penn State Receives USDA Grant for Mushroom Crop Pest Management

Key Takeaways Significant USDA Grant: Penn State researchers receive over $7 million from the USDA to develop pest management tools for mushroom crops..

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Grants Smart Farming

Bluegrass AgTech Development Corp Launches Incentive Program for Agtech and Food-Based Businesses in Kentucky

Key Takeaways: Bluegrass AgTech Development Corp introduces a new incentive program to attract agtech and food-based businesses to Kentucky. The program aims to.

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New York’s Climate Farming Grant Program

Key Takeaways: Significant Funding Boost: Governor Kathy Hochul has announced nearly $16 million in funding through Round 7 of the Climate Resilient Farming Grant.

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Grants Innovation Projects

ISC Awarded Grant to Combat Burrowing Shrimp

Key Takeaways Grant Award: The Invasive Species Corporation (ISC) received a $388,000 grant from the Washington State Department of Agriculture to address the.

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Missouri S&T Receives $1.25M Grant for Agricultural Workforce Development

Key Takeaways: Federal Grant Awarded: Missouri S&T has been granted $1.25 million for agricultural workforce development. Nationwide Effort Participation: The university joins a.

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AgroFood Grants USDA

USDA Launches Initiatives to Elevate U.S. Specialty Crops Industry

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has initiated a new effort to bolster the specialty crops sector in America, in alignment with the Biden-Harris Administration’s.

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Grants Sustainable Agriculture

Rockefeller Foundation Invests Over $11M in Climate Solutions

Key Takeaways: The Rockefeller Foundation has allocated over $11 million towards climate solutions as part of its $1 billion climate strategy. The funding.

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