The ‘Projects’ category in agri-tech highlights new initiatives and endeavors in sustainable farming, technology integration, and innovative agricultural practices. This category provides a detailed look at various projects pushing the boundaries of traditional farming methods and integrating modern technologies for more efficient and sustainable agricultural outputs.

Sustainable Farming Initiatives

A vital aspect of this category is the coverage of projects dedicated to sustainable farming. These initiatives often focus on environmentally friendly practices, such as organic farming, water conservation, and soil health improvement. The section details these projects’ objectives, methodologies, and expected outcomes, offering insights into how they contribute to more sustainable agricultural practices.

Technology Integration in Agriculture

This category explores projects at the forefront of integrating technology into agriculture. It includes initiatives that employ advanced tools and technologies like precision farming, IoT-based monitoring systems, and AI-driven predictive analytics. The coverage aims to show how these technological integrations enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in farming operations.

Innovative Agricultural Practices

Finally, the category also focuses on projects that are pioneering innovative agricultural practices. This could range from new crop cultivation techniques to novel approaches in livestock management. These projects are often experimental, testing out new theories and methods that could revolutionize the way farming is done.


The ‘Projects’ category is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the latest developments and innovative endeavors in the agri-tech sector. It offers a glimpse into the future of agriculture, where sustainability and technology integration play pivotal roles in shaping farming practices.

Projects Smart Farming

NEOM Announces ‘Topian’, the NEOM Food Company

Key Takeaways: NEOM Launches Topian: A new food company aiming to revolutionize global food systems. Sustainable and Innovative Focus: Topian is built on.

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White River to Develop Key Oilseed Processing Plant in Nebraska

Key Takeaways White River Soy Processing Selected for Oilseed Plant Development: White River has been chosen by the North Platte Chamber & Development.

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Investments Projects

Innovate UK & BBSRC Fund 32 Projects For Sustainable Food Production

Key Takeaways: Innovate UK and BBSRC’s £15.6 million investment in 32 innovative low-emission food production projects. Focus on alternative proteins, enhanced production processes,.

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Crop Protection Investments Projects

Innovative AI Project to Revolutionize Canada’s Lentil Agriculture

Key Takeaways: A consortium led by Protein Industries Canada is initiating an AI project for lentil growers. The project focuses on combating diseases.

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Investments Projects

Genera Invests Over $340 Million in Sustainable Biomaterials

Key Takeaways: Genera, a sustainable molded fiber and biomaterials company, has initiated a $350 million expansion of its Sustainable Biomaterials Campus. The expansion.

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Projects Renewable Energy

DEPCOM Power Inaugurates Puerto Rico’s Largest Solar and BESS Project: Ciro One

Key Takeaways: Landmark Solar and BESS Project: DEPCOM Power inaugurates Ciro One, Puerto Rico’s most extensive solar and battery energy storage system. Comprehensive.

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Investments & Funding Round Market Trends & Economy Projects

CED Invests $1.5M in Les Industries Harnois

Key Takeaways CED’s Financial Boost to Les Industries Harnois: The Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) provides a $1.5M repayable contribution to.

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AgriBusiness Artificial Intelligence Projects

Protein Industries Canada Expands Call for Artificial Intelligence Projects in Agriculture

Key Takeaways: Protein Industries Canada announces an expanded call for projects under the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy. The focus is on the entire.

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Accelerator Investments & Funding Round Projects Sustainable Agriculture

PepsiCo Advances Sustainable Farming with PAO Accelerator

Key Takeaways  Expansion of the PAO Accelerator: The program will now support nearly 40 agricultural projects with over $30 million in investments through.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Projects Sustainable Agriculture University Research

Boosting Somalia’s Agricultural Infrastructure with TİKA

Key Takeaways: Enhancing Agricultural Education: The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) installed two 250 square meter greenhouses at the Department of Agriculture.

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