AgTech Space Farming

Fueling the Future of Space Exploration: NASA and CSA Deep Space Food Challenge

As human space exploration expands, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) are looking for innovative solutions to sustain astronauts on long missions. That’s why they host the Deep Space Food Challenge, […]

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Corporate Economy Urban Farming

Ho Chi Minh City’s Agricultural Revolution: The Rise of Innovative Urban Agriculture Models

Ho Chi Minh City’s agriculture sector is undergoing a revolution with the growth of urban agriculture models driven by technology and biotechnology. Ho Chi Minh City’s agriculture sector has seen […]

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Funding Round Urban Farming

USDA Announces $7.5 Million in Grants for Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production (OUAIP) has announced up to $7.5 million in grant funding for projects to promote urban agriculture and […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Deals Mergers & Acquisitions

Betterment Harvest Takes a 50% Stake In Ontario Greenhouse

Land Betterment Corporation’s subsidiary, Betterment Harvest, has recently closed on 50% ownership interests in JC Fresh Farms Ltd. and Orangeline Farms Ltd., two operational greenhouse companies located in Ontario, Canada. […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture

Dual Draft’s Infinity Tray System for Indoor Cultivation

Dual Draft Integrated Airflow has recently launched a new product called the Infinity Tray system, designed for single-tier cultivators in both cannabis and non-cannabis controlled environment agriculture (CEA). The system […]

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AgTech Indoor Farming Robotics

Revolutionizing Vertical Farming with Robotics

We sat with Urban Farms Inc. (Website, LinkedIn) CEO & Co-Founder Maximilian Knight to discuss the company’s business model and long-term goals for the industry. Urban Farms is a Colorado-based company that seeks […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Markets

80 Acres Farms Layoffs Linked To Industry & Other Collapses

80 Acres Farms has recently laid off about two dozen workers, representing less than 10 percent of its workforce. The Cincinnati Business Courier reported the layoffs and mentioned that it was unclear […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Indoor Farming

MSC World Europa’s Innovative Chef’s Garden Kitchen

Cruise ship dining is about to take a significant leap forward by introducing the Chef’s Garden Kitchen, a new restaurant concept on the MSC World Europa®. Docked in Doha, Qatar, […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate

Lakeside Produce Files for Bankruptcy Owing $188 Million to Creditors

Leamington, ON-based greenhouse grower Lakeside Produce Inc. has filed for bankruptcy, owing $188 million (Canadian) to creditors. The company, which specializes in growing conventional and organic fresh produce such as […]

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Aeroponics AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Partnerships

Aeroponic Greenhouse System To Be Installed In France

CleanGreens Solutions SA and Midiflore have joined forces to bring sustainable herb production to a new greenhouse project. The companies have signed a contract to install a 3,500 square meter […]

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