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Light Science Technologies Finds Supplementary Lighting Gives 12% Crop Yield Increase in Tomato Trial

AgTech specialist Light Science Technologies (LST) has successfully completed its tomato trial with Crop Health and Protection (CHAP) to investigate lower energy technology solutions for vine crops.  Using LST’s nurturGROW […]

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Americas Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Vertical Farming

Capsum Creates a Vertical Farming Facility In Texas Production Site

French cosmetics company, Capsum furthers its development in vertical farming for cosmetics as they’ve partnered with French Start-up Orius to design and build a facility to grow plants for its […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Stock Market

AppHarvest Announce Q3 Results Beating EPS Estimation Despite Disruptions

AppHarvest Berea and AppHarvest Somerset are the second and third farms to open as the company expects to quadruple farms by year-end and diversify its produce portfolio to include salad […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Economy International

What Are The Emerging Markets in Indoor Farming?

Indoor farms have witnessed impressive growth in recent years, especially in western/occidental countries that have been in the spotlight. Other regions such as Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Central […]

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Recording: Rethinking Energy (In)Efficiency in Commercial Urban Farming

Last Friday a webinar took place on energy efficiency and the following topics were discussed: Current trends of energy prices and advancements in technologies. More energy = more costs and […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Economy Environment

CEA Will Lead To Important Transitions Within The Farming Industry Over The Next Decade

A variety of reports have highlighted how broken our food supply is and the lack of viable solutions brought to the farming industry and the end-user leading to the situations […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture EMEA Vertical Farming

Use of Material As An Enabler To One of The World’s Largest Vertical Farm?

Polyurethane insulation sandwich panels have been used in the construction of what is considered the world’s largest vertical farm in Dubai and were praised as “the cost-effective insulation and cladding […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Partnerships

Equilibrium Capital & Priva Ink Parntership For a New Asia Climate-Tech

Priva, joins forces with Equilibrium Capital, a leading institutional investor in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), to develop an integrated climate management solution for next-generation horticulture for crop cultivation in SE […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Deals

Bee Vectoring Technologies Enters the CEA Market

Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. (CSE: BEE) (OTCQB: BEVVF) (CVE: BEE) announced its first sales commitment in the Controlled Environment Agriculture market. This key customer is a leading industry innovator […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture EMEA

Controlled Environment Agriculture in the UAE Needs a Better Framework To Fully Deploy

Based in the suburbs of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Hydroponic Farm has vowed since its creation to produce eco-friendly and high-quality produce to supply the local market. With about ⅔ of […]

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