9th August 2022
Environment Renewable Energy

Can Hydrogen Reduce Vertical Farms Energy Cost?

Energy costs have been sky-rocketing in the past weeks driving operational costs of some of the vertical farming facilities throughout the world, up. Now, companies are seeking alternatives to either reduce their energy consumption or rely increasingly on greener energy solutions. Solar energy, windmills or geothermal are part of the ‘common’ green energy used but […]

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Plastic Packaging Banned Around Fresh Fruit And Vegetables From Now On In France

Barbara Pompili, Minister for Ecological Transition, Bruno Le Maire, Minister for the Economy, Finance and Recovery and Julien Denormandie, Minister for Agriculture and Food, has signed the decree banning plastic packaging around unprocessed fresh fruit and vegetables.   As foreseen by the law on the fight against waste and the circular economy of February 2020, […]

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Environment Horticulture Laws & Regulations

Greenhouse Night Lighting Is Visible From Space & Rises Concerns

In times of presidential elections in France, a new debate has sparked amongst the deputies and political parties: Avoid lighting greenhouses during the night. Recent images captured to illustrate the sheer importance greenhouse lighting has and might push decision-makers to further restrict its usage at night. As seen in the image above, greenhouses located in […]

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