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### Food Tech News: Funding, Partnerships, and Innovations

The category dedicated to the latest Food Tech news offers a comprehensive view of the newest developments in this dynamic sector. It focuses on the latest funding rounds, strategic partnerships, and innovations made by food tech companies, providing valuable insights for investors, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and enthusiasts.

A key aspect of this category is the coverage of recent funding rounds in the food tech industry. It highlights significant investments, identifying key investors and the amounts raised by emerging and established food tech companies. This information is crucial for understanding where capital is flowing in the industry and which segments are attracting the most interest.

The category also delves into the latest partnerships forming in the food tech sector. These collaborations, whether between startups and large corporations or cross-industry alliances, are often pivotal in driving innovation and scaling new technologies. The coverage includes details on the nature of these partnerships, the goals set, and the potential impact on the industry.

Furthermore, a major focus is on the innovations being developed by food tech companies. This includes advancements in areas like alternative proteins, food waste reduction technologies, sustainable packaging solutions, and breakthroughs in food processing and safety. The category explores how these innovations are addressing current challenges in the food industry and shaping the future of food production and consumption.

Designed to be up-to-date and informative, this category is an indispensable resource for staying abreast of the fast-paced changes and exciting developments in the world of food technology. It is tailored for anyone looking to keep their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and movements in this innovative industry.

AgriBusiness Alt Protein Food Tech Funding Round

Finnish Biotech Startup eniferBio Raises €11M in Series A Funding

Finnish biotech startup eniferBio recently announced that it has successfully raised €11M in a series A funding round. The funding was led by.

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Food Tech

CULT Food Science Corp. Launches Bmmune™

The commercialization of Bmmune™, a novel and patent-pending alternative protein source for pet food produced through a natural fermentation method, has been announced.

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Alt Protein Food Tech

MicroHarvest Awarded BloombergNEF 2023 Pioneer Award

Foodtech start-up MicroHarvest has been awarded in the reputed 2023 BloombergNEF (BNEF) Pioneers Awards in the Challenge 3: Building a net-zero food production.

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AgriBusiness Food Tech Funding Round Stock Market

Moolec Science Secures $50M Financing From Nomura Securities

Moolec Science SA (NASDAQ: MLEC) and Nomura Securities International, Inc. entered a Share Purchase Agreement for a committed equity financing facility recently. Per.

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AgriBusiness Food Tech Livestock

Kemin Industries Launches Pathorol, a Shrimp Supplementation Product

Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer, has recently launched a new product called Pathorol, aimed at improving the health of shrimp in several.

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AgriBusiness Food Tech Smart Farming

Rally IN-Prize Competition Invites Startups Across Five Industries

One of the biggest pitching contests in the country, the Rally IN-Prize Competition, is now accepting applications. This yearly event aims to give out.

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AgriBusiness Biotech Food Tech Smart Farming Venture Fund

Oxus Capital To Launch New Visionary Fund Worth $200M

A new $200 million visionary fund will be launched by Oxus Capital, the trailblazing investment firm behind Central Asia’s first SPAC, to advance.

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AgriBusiness Food Tech Partnerships Smart Farming

INRAE & WUR Commit to Contributing to New Cooperation Dynamics

INRAE (the French National Institute for Agricultural Research) and WUR (Wageningen University & Research) have pledged to contribute to the new cooperation dynamics.

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AgriBusiness Deals Food Tech Partnerships

Bel Group and Climax Foods Partner to Create New Generation of Plant-Based Cheese

A novel collaboration between Bel Group and Climax Foods Inc. has been announced to develop a new type of plant-based cheese. To co-create.

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AgriBusiness Appointments Food Tech

GrubMarket Appoints Mark Tisdel as Independent Board Member

Mark Tisdel has been appointed as an independent board member and chair of the audit committee by GrubMarket. Tisdel, a seasoned financial executive.

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