The ‘EMEA’ category offers insightful analysis of the unique agricultural challenges and innovations within Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This diverse and comprehensive category is particularly valuable for those interested in understanding the distinct agricultural landscapes and technological advancements across these varied regions.

In Europe, the category explores the integration of advanced agricultural technologies like precision farming, greenhouse automation, and organic farming practices. It highlights how European countries balance modern technology with sustainable practices, addressing issues such as environmental conservation and food safety.

The Middle East section of the category delves into the region’s unique challenges, such as water scarcity and arid climates. It examines innovative solutions like desert agriculture, hydroponic systems, and the use of alternative water sources like treated wastewater for irrigation. The category also explores the region’s growing investment in agri-tech to enhance food security and reduce dependence on food imports.

In Africa, the category focuses on the diverse agricultural practices across the continent, from small-scale subsistence farming to large commercial operations. It covers topics like the adoption of mobile technology for farm management, initiatives for improving crop yields, and efforts to tackle challenges like climate change, soil degradation, and access to markets.

Overall, the ‘EMEA’ category serves as a comprehensive guide to the agricultural dynamics of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It provides valuable insights for farmers, agribusiness professionals, policy makers, and researchers interested in the innovative approaches and ongoing developments in these regions’ agriculture sectors.

EMEA International Policy & Regulation

France Adjusts Cereal Export Rules, Confirms S-metolachlor Withdrawal

The French government has confirmed new rules for cereal exports to third countries requiring phosphine treatment and the withdrawal of S-metolachlor plant protection.

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EMEA Smart Farming

Turkey & UAE Trade Deal Include Bilateral Investment In AgriTech

The trade agreement signed between Turkey & UAE on 3 March will significantly impact both nations’ economies. With projections suggesting that bilateral trade.

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Economy EMEA

Irish Farming To Receive New Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme

The Irish farming community has received a significant boost with the new Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS 3) opening, which provides funding for.

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AgriBusiness EMEA Partnerships Smart Farming

India’s Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Inks an MoU With Digital Green

The Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare in India has taken a significant step towards the modernization of agriculture in the country by.

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EMEA Smart Farming

GROWiT Inks Two Collaborations To Improve India’s Agricultural Industry

GROWiT, a leading manufacturer of D2F protective farming products in India, has recently announced two collaborations to improve the country’s agricultural industry. The.

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Digital Solutions EMEA Robotics Smart Farming

AI in Agriculture: Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences Leads agrifoodTEF Initiative

The agriculture and food industry is experiencing a digital revolution with the advent of AI and robotics. Osnabrück is at the forefront of.

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Economy EMEA Market Trends & Economy Smart Farming

UAE & Israel Ties May Yield Benefits For AgTech

In May 2022, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel signed a free trade agreement, which has led to a significant increase in.

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EMEA Smart Farming

James Hutton Institute’s £28.7m Upgrade: Advanced Plant Growth Centre and International Barley Hub Construction

Contracts totaling £28.7 million have been signed between McLaughlin & Harvey and The James Hutton Institute. The contract includes the construction of a.

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AgriBusiness EMEA Funding Round

LiFi4Food Wins European EIT Jumpstarter Program

Spanish start-up LiFi4Food has won the food category of the European EIT Jumpstarter program, a cross-border partnership of leading businesses, education, and research.

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AgriBusiness Controlled Environment Agriculture Education EMEA Partnerships

Artechno Growsystems Partners With Gold Leaf Technologies

Artechno Growsystems, a provider of turnkey vertical farming solutions, and Gold Leaf Technologies, a Canadian agricultural company offering complete solutions in the areas.

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