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Oman To Receive Two Container Farms From Nongshim

A vertical farming container has been sent by Nongshim, a South Korean food & beverage firm, for use in a trial project in.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture EMEA

What Distinguishes Asian Vertical Farms From Those in Other Regions?

Although less well-known than vertical farming businesses in the United States, Europe, or the Middle East, Asian vertical farms are no less sophisticated.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate EMEA

Vertical Future Successfully Completes Agrichemical Usage Reduction Research Project Supported By Innovate UK

With no agrichemical inputs, Vertical Future has successfully completed research to create a new method of delivering sustainable fresh fruit. The study to.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture EMEA

Middle East Vertical Farming: A Bright Future?

A record-breaking number of collaborations, expansion announcements, record-breaking fundraising rounds, and government-related investments have all contributed to the exponential growth of vertical farming.

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EMEA Markets

10 Western Switzerland’s Food & Agriculture Companies Reshaping The Sector

Western Switzerland is a thriving agri-food cluster that is continually creating new food tech and agritech tools, products, services, and solutions to support.

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EMEA Hydroponics

Qatar-Based Farm Wins FBN International NxG Lombard Odier Award

Safwa, a leading Qatar-based company in automated hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic farming established in 1975 has been awarded the FBN International NxG Lombard.

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2 Vertical Farms Featured in EnviroTech50 2022

London-based Foodsteps, a platform for discovering, labeling & reducing the environmental footprint of food, tops the annual ranking of UK companies creating original.

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Fischer Farms Gears Up As Opening Of Facility Edges Closer

Fischer Farms reported that it is set to bring 27 new jobs to the Norfolk area, as the firm gears up to open.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture EMEA Vertical Farming

Use of Material As An Enabler To One of The World’s Largest Vertical Farm?

Polyurethane insulation sandwich panels have been used in the construction of what is considered the world’s largest vertical farm in Dubai and were.

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Qatar Plans New Economic Era Post World Cup 2022

An informative panel discussion shed light on how Qatar is diversifying its economy after the FIFA World Cup, organized by OCO Global and.

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