The ‘EMEA’ category offers insightful analysis of the unique agricultural challenges and innovations within Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This diverse and comprehensive category is particularly valuable for those interested in understanding the distinct agricultural landscapes and technological advancements across these varied regions.

In Europe, the category explores the integration of advanced agricultural technologies like precision farming, greenhouse automation, and organic farming practices. It highlights how European countries balance modern technology with sustainable practices, addressing issues such as environmental conservation and food safety.

The Middle East section of the category delves into the region’s unique challenges, such as water scarcity and arid climates. It examines innovative solutions like desert agriculture, hydroponic systems, and the use of alternative water sources like treated wastewater for irrigation. The category also explores the region’s growing investment in agri-tech to enhance food security and reduce dependence on food imports.

In Africa, the category focuses on the diverse agricultural practices across the continent, from small-scale subsistence farming to large commercial operations. It covers topics like the adoption of mobile technology for farm management, initiatives for improving crop yields, and efforts to tackle challenges like climate change, soil degradation, and access to markets.

Overall, the ‘EMEA’ category serves as a comprehensive guide to the agricultural dynamics of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It provides valuable insights for farmers, agribusiness professionals, policy makers, and researchers interested in the innovative approaches and ongoing developments in these regions’ agriculture sectors.


2 Vertical Farms Featured in EnviroTech50 2022

London-based Foodsteps, a platform for discovering, labeling & reducing the environmental footprint of food, tops the annual ranking of UK companies creating original.

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AgriBusiness EMEA Vertical Farming

Fischer Farms Gears Up As Opening Of Facility Edges Closer

Fischer Farms reported that it is set to bring 27 new jobs to the Norfolk area, as the firm gears up to open.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture EMEA Vertical Farming

Use of Material As An Enabler To One of The World’s Largest Vertical Farm?

Polyurethane insulation sandwich panels have been used in the construction of what is considered the world’s largest vertical farm in Dubai and were.

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Economy EMEA Indoor Farming International

Qatar Plans New Economic Era Post World Cup 2022

An informative panel discussion shed light on how Qatar is diversifying its economy after the FIFA World Cup, organized by OCO Global and.

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EMEA Urban Farming

A New Microgreen Farm Emerges In Paris

Recently graduated with a sustainable farming development master degree, Les Tontons Flowers team is using a recycled shipping container in the 14th district.

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EMEA Partnerships Urban Farming Vertical Farming

Museum of The Future To Display Tomorrow’s Sustainable Solutions For Greener Cities

The Museum of the Future (MOTF) officialized its collaboration with Dubai Municipality to anticipate future technologies across sectors that will contribute to humanity’s.

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AgriBusiness EMEA

Pure Harvest Smart Farms & Red Sea Farms Featured on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2022 List

The Fast Company Middle East’s ongoing mission of creating a culture of innovation in the region since it was launched culminated with honoring.

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Economy EMEA

UK Inflation Hits 10.1% a 40-Year High

The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rose by 10.1% in the 12 months to September 2022, up from 9.9% in August and returning to.

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EMEA Events Horticulture

Dutch Greenhouse Delta Leads Trade Mission in KSA

From October 17 to 20 a Dutch horticultural trade mission to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia takes place. The aim of the mission.

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EMEA Horticulture Sustainable Agriculture

University of Surrey Launch USD 4.5M Tree Propagation Project With LettUs Grow

The University of Surrey is collaborating with aeroponic specialists, LettUs Grow, to develop a greenhouse aeroponic system for willow tree propagation. The £4.

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