The ‘EMEA’ category offers insightful analysis of the unique agricultural challenges and innovations within Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This diverse and comprehensive category is particularly valuable for those interested in understanding the distinct agricultural landscapes and technological advancements across these varied regions.

In Europe, the category explores the integration of advanced agricultural technologies like precision farming, greenhouse automation, and organic farming practices. It highlights how European countries balance modern technology with sustainable practices, addressing issues such as environmental conservation and food safety.

The Middle East section of the category delves into the region’s unique challenges, such as water scarcity and arid climates. It examines innovative solutions like desert agriculture, hydroponic systems, and the use of alternative water sources like treated wastewater for irrigation. The category also explores the region’s growing investment in agri-tech to enhance food security and reduce dependence on food imports.

In Africa, the category focuses on the diverse agricultural practices across the continent, from small-scale subsistence farming to large commercial operations. It covers topics like the adoption of mobile technology for farm management, initiatives for improving crop yields, and efforts to tackle challenges like climate change, soil degradation, and access to markets.

Overall, the ‘EMEA’ category serves as a comprehensive guide to the agricultural dynamics of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It provides valuable insights for farmers, agribusiness professionals, policy makers, and researchers interested in the innovative approaches and ongoing developments in these regions’ agriculture sectors.

EMEA Urban Farming Vertical Farming

Sharjah Sustainable City Launches Phase 3 of Eco-Friendly Community

Sharjah Sustainable City, a fully sustainable residential community developed by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) in partnership with Diamond Developers, has launched.

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AgriBusiness EMEA Emerging Markets

Singrow To Expand Its Presence in South East Asia & Middle-East

Over the next 15 months, Singrow will increase its footprint in countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Middle East,.

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Economy EMEA

Switzerland, Where Innovation Drives Business

Traditionally strong in the food, agriculture, and nutrition sectors, Switzerland, aims to drive food tech innovation by leveraging its world-class research institutes, solid.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture EMEA

Controlled Environment Agriculture in the UAE Needs a Better Framework To Fully Deploy

Based in the suburbs of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Hydroponic Farm has vowed since its creation to produce eco-friendly and high-quality produce to supply.

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Economy EMEA

Localisation & Technology Adoption Prevalent To UAE’s Food Security Quest

3rd Future Food Forum calls for public-private collaboration and innovation for the sustainable future of UAE’s F&B manufacturing sector. H.E. Abdulla Al Saleh,.

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EMEA Events Horticulture Indoor Farming Urban Farming Vertical Farming

This Year’s Edition of AgraME Explores MENA’s Path to Food Security

Dubai AgraME show to gather public and private sector stakeholders to forge a food-secure future. Under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of.

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EMEA Urban Farming Vertical Farming

Ashfield Investment Plan May Feature a ‘Community Vertical Farming Initiative’

Ashfield Council has submitted an investment plan to unlock up to £3.2million from the government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund to invest across the.

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AgriBusiness Cultures EMEA

UK Trial Show Tree Seedlings Grows Faster in Vertical Farms

In the first UK trials of their kind, tree seedlings are being grown six times faster in a vertical farm compared to traditional.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture EMEA Funding Round

Capagro Launches a 200 Million Euro Fund

Capagro announced the launch of the second fund of 200 million euros to support the growth of future leading European AgTech and FoodTech.

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EMEA Horticulture

New UK Prime Minister Faces Challenges with Growers

A new UK prime minister has been nominated to succeed Boris Johnson, Liz Truss the previous Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and.

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