Emerging Markets

The ‘Emerging Markets’ category offers a detailed exploration of the agricultural advancements and challenges faced by developing economies. This category is essential for understanding the dynamic agricultural landscapes in these rapidly evolving markets, where innovation meets tradition, and new opportunities coexist with enduring challenges.

A central theme of this category is the innovative agricultural practices being adopted in emerging markets. It showcases how countries are leveraging new technologies such as mobile agricultural apps, satellite imagery, and affordable precision farming tools to improve crop yields and farming efficiency. The category also explores the integration of sustainable farming practices that balance economic growth with environmental stewardship.

The category critically examines the unique challenges faced by agricultural sectors in these regions. These include issues like limited access to modern technology, infrastructure constraints, climate vulnerability, and the need for capacity building and education among smallholder farmers. The category discusses how overcoming these challenges is key to unlocking the agricultural potential of emerging markets.

Additionally, the ‘Emerging Markets’ category highlights the role of government policies, international aid, and public-private partnerships in shaping the agricultural landscape of developing economies. It covers initiatives aimed at boosting agricultural productivity, enhancing food security, and elevating the socio-economic status of rural communities.

Designed to be both informative and insightful, this category serves as a crucial resource for anyone interested in the evolving world of agriculture in emerging markets. It provides a nuanced perspective on how these countries are navigating the path of agricultural development, addressing their specific challenges, and seizing new opportunities in the global agricultural arena.

Economy Emerging Markets Investments & Funding Round Smart Farming

Unlocking Kenya’s Agricultural Future: AgTech Investments & the Road Ahead

Kenya has signed a deal with British-based investment group United Green Group (UG) to reduce the country’s dependence on food imports by $200.

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Emerging Markets Smart Farming

Assessing East African AgTech Ecosystems for Innovation and Technology in Agriculture

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) recently launched an initiative to assess the impediments to scaling innovation and technology.

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Emerging Markets Partnerships Plant Science

Solynta Partners With PepsiCo Subsidiary In Ethiopia To Introduce Hybrid Potato Seeds

Solynta, a Dutch company known for its hybrid potato breeding techniques, has partnered with Senselet Food Processing PLC (Senselet), a subsidiary of PepsiCo.

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AgriBusiness Emerging Markets Partnerships Smart Farming

AgroFresh Solutions Launches In Latin America

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. has recently made a significant announcement that has created quite a buzz in the industry. The company has launched its.

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Economy Emerging Markets Smart Farming

DPM Cooper Leads Bahamian Delegation to Ottawa, Canada for Trade Mission

The Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas, DPM Cooper, led a delegation of government officials and business leaders to Ottawa, Canada on a.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Emerging Markets Smart Farming

African Agriculture and the Future of Food Systems: The Promise of Vertical Farming

African agriculture is facing significant challenges as it strives to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population to overcome these challenges and.

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Economy Emerging Markets Smart Farming

Guyana and India Join Forces To Create Agri-Tech Campus

Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali recently announced the establishment of a regional agri-tech campus in collaboration with India. The campus aims to enhance the.

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AgriBusiness Emerging Markets Funding Round Smart Farming

Catalyst Fund Unveils Investment In African Climate Resiliency Solutions

The Catalyst Fund announced a $2 million investment in ten entrepreneurs developing strategies to strengthen the resilience of communities in Africa that are.

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AgriBusiness Emerging Markets Funding Round

Pink Farms Reportedly Received Investments From SLV Agricola

SLC Agrícola is one of the largest Brazilian agricultural producers founded in 1977 by the SLC Group and reportedly invested in vertical farming.

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AgriBusiness Controlled Environment Agriculture Emerging Markets

New Vertical Farming Center Set Up in Istanbul Underground

Istanbul’s Indoor Vertical Agriculture Application and Research and Development Center was inaugurated on Dec. 8. The center aims to eradicate problems caused by.

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