The ‘International’ category within the agri-tech sector offers a comprehensive view of agricultural technology developments, practices, and trends from around the world. This category is particularly valuable for those seeking a global understanding of how different regions and countries are advancing in the field of agricultural technology.

Key to this category is the coverage of agri-tech developments across various continents and countries. It provides insights into the unique agricultural challenges different regions face and the innovative technologies employed to address them. This includes advancements in precision farming, sustainable irrigation practices, drone technology, and genetic engineering of crops.

The category also explores international trends and practices in agri-tech. It highlights how global factors such as climate change, population growth, and food security concerns influence the adoption and evolution of agricultural technologies. This perspective is crucial for understanding global agriculture’s interconnectedness and technology’s role in shaping its future.

Furthermore, the ‘International’ category delves into the collaboration and knowledge exchange between countries in the agri-tech space. It covers international partnerships, research collaborations, and cross-border investments that drive innovation and foster a global agri-tech community.

Designed to be informative and inclusive, this category is an essential resource for anyone interested in the global dynamics of agricultural technology. Whether you are a farmer, researcher, policy-maker, or agri-tech enthusiast, this category offers a panoramic view of how different cultures and economies leverage technology to advance agriculture and tackle some of the world’s most pressing food production challenges.

EMEA Smart Farming

Turkey & UAE Trade Deal Include Bilateral Investment In AgriTech

The trade agreement signed between Turkey & UAE on 3 March will significantly impact both nations’ economies. With projections suggesting that bilateral trade.

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Emerging Markets Partnerships Plant Science

Solynta Partners With PepsiCo Subsidiary In Ethiopia To Introduce Hybrid Potato Seeds

Solynta, a Dutch company known for its hybrid potato breeding techniques, has partnered with Senselet Food Processing PLC (Senselet), a subsidiary of PepsiCo.

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AgriBusiness Asia Controlled Environment Agriculture Horticulture Partnerships Smart Farming

Metro Pacific and LR Group Invest in Sustainable Vegetable Greenhouse

Metro Pacific Investments Corp. and LR Group have partnered to invest in a vegetable greenhouse facility in the Philippines, which is expected to.

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AgriBusiness Americas Controlled Environment Agriculture Horticulture Smart Farming

ISO Group To Establish In Virginia

Netherlands-based ISO Group, a supplier of automation solutions in protected horticulture, has decided to invest $570,000 to establish its first U.S. assembly and.

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AgriBusiness Emerging Markets Partnerships Smart Farming

AgroFresh Solutions Launches In Latin America

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. has recently made a significant announcement that has created quite a buzz in the industry. The company has launched its.

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Economy EMEA

Irish Farming To Receive New Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme

The Irish farming community has received a significant boost with the new Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS 3) opening, which provides funding for.

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Americas Economy

US Agricultural Exports Reached New Heights In 2022

In 2022, the American agricultural sector enjoyed its best export year ever, with a whopping $196 billion international sales of U.S. farm and.

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AgriBusiness Americas Controlled Environment Agriculture Partnerships Smart Farming

Actemium Canada Partners With GoodLeaf For Two New Sites

Actemium Canada is an engineering and system integration firm with a reputation for innovation and excellence in automation. The company has recently partnered.

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Economy Emerging Markets Smart Farming

DPM Cooper Leads Bahamian Delegation to Ottawa, Canada for Trade Mission

The Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas, DPM Cooper, led a delegation of government officials and business leaders to Ottawa, Canada on a.

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Americas Controlled Environment Agriculture Events Smart Farming

Indoor AgTech Summit To Take Place in New York in 2023

The indoor agriculture sector is set to take center stage in New York’s Times Square in 2023 as the world’s leading growers, retailers,.

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