25th June 2022
Partnerships Shipping Container Farm

Winvale Partners with Freight Farms

Winvale, a government contracts consulting firm and authorized GSA reseller, is excited to announce a partnership with Freight Farms, a leading provider of vertical container farming solutions. By partnering with Winvale, Freight Farms will be able to offer their vertical hydroponic farming containers through Winvale’s GSA Schedule GS-35F-0074S. Read also: ZipGrow Inc. Launches Supersized Container Farm […]

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Light Science Technologies Launches All-In-One SensorGROW

Cost and waste saving tool offers instant actionable insight for better control and performance   Light Science Technologies (LST) has announced the launch of sensorGROW, an all-in-one growing intelligence tool aimed at giving indoor farmers better environmental control while saving costs and reducing waste. Ideal for any controlled growing environment including greenhouses, polytunnels, vertical farms, […]

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Vertical Farming Problems & Solutions, a Huvster Contribution

This post is a contribution from Verde Compacto, Huvster.  Challenges of vertical farming and how the Huvster can help you solve them Vertical farming and indoor growing systems are the future of agriculture due to the need to produce more food with fewer resources in order to feed the growing world’s population. At Verde Compacto […]

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Corporate Partnerships Shipping Container Farm

LettUs Grow & Vertically Urban Partner To Light Up Container Farms

LettUs Grow has partnered with a light provider, Vertically Urban, to use their ultra-slim Horti-Blade LED light in DROP & GROW container farms. DROP & GROW container farms are vertical farming systems inside a shipping container. This modular solution allows growers to pilot test their business plan, create perfect environmental conditions for different crops by […]

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Dubai Hotel Launches New Hydroponic Container Farm

Founded in July 2020, GreeenTech is the first in the Czech Republic to produce hydroponic containers, a technological solution to enable local cultivation of vegetables, micro greens and small fruits anywhere in the world. “The company was founded by Karokina Pumprova, Milan Soucek and I with the aim of producing hydroponic growing systems. The main […]

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EMEA Shipping Container Farm

Mariott Further Vertical Farming Development in Dubai

The Ritz-Carlton Dubai, JBR is partnering with Green Container Advanced Farming (GCAF) to launch a hyper-local on-site hydroponic farm, one of the first-ever vertical farms in Dubai. The partnership is in-line with the country’s objective to ensure food security and sustainable farming practices. The container farm grows crops year-round with daily harvest reaching, depending on the crop, […]

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