25th June 2022
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Light Science Technologies Launches All-In-One SensorGROW

Cost and waste saving tool offers instant actionable insight for better control and performance   Light Science Technologies (LST) has announced the launch of sensorGROW, an all-in-one growing intelligence tool aimed at giving indoor farmers better environmental control while saving costs and reducing waste. Ideal for any controlled growing environment including greenhouses, polytunnels, vertical farms, […]

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ZipGrow Inc. Launches Supersized Container Farm

ONTARIO, CANADA – Best known for the innovation and installation of vertical indoor hydroponic farms around the globe, ZipGrow Inc. is thrilled to expand its system portfolio and announce its first turnkey container farm innovation; the ZipPod. Backed by years of research on optimal efficiencies for container farming systems, the ZipPod is built onsite at […]

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Americas Urban Farming Vertical Farming

Colorado is Home To Many Indoor Vertical Farms

Beyond the globally renowned landscapes, wildlife, and ski resorts, Colorado is welcoming an increasing number of indoor vertical farming facilities. Many vertical farming companies have implemented operations or, are headquartered in the Centennial State, the latest joining was the indoor vertical farming company, Kalera AS as they recently opened their Aurora facility and started producing […]

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Singapore Urban Farm Plans Leads To Publicly-listed Companies

For the past decade, food insecurity has been a prominent discussion in Singapore as the small city-state seeks to ensure its food supply despite the lack of arable land (Only 1% of land available for food production) and its important reliance on food imports (90% of their food is imported). This situation was only exacerbated […]

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IKEA & Infarm to Grow Healthy, Sustainable Herbs

IKEA is testing Infarm’s vertical farms in three furniture stores in Germany. The aim is to inspire IKEA employees and customers to lead healthier and more sustainable lives. Berlin, Germany, June 14, 2022. As the demand for sustainable locally grown produce increases, IKEA has entered into a partnership with Infarm to grow high-quality herbs inside […]

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Americas Economy Urban Farming

USDA Grants $43 Million for Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production

Funding is the First Part of a $75 Million Investment to Support a Fairer Food System and Expand Access to Nutritious Food WASHINGTON, June 3, 2022 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announces significant investments to support urban agriculture, including $43.1 million for grants and cooperative agreements as well as six new urban county committees […]

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EMEA Urban Farming Videos

VIDEO: Singapore’s Vision To Food Security

This documentary from Financial Times, Food Revolution episodes describes how Singapore see in Urban Farming a potential solution to decreasing its reliance on food imports as the country lacks arable land. Have a look and don’t hesitate to share your comments below!

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International Urban Farming

90 Game-Changing Solutions for Sustainable Cities

Leading Cities, a global non-profit driving resiliency and sustainability for cities, in partnership with QBE Insurance, have selected 90 of the world’s most impactful solutions for advancing sustainable development goals. The QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge is recognized as one of the Top 5 Govtech accelerators in the world and this year the program broke previous […]

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Sunway XFarms To Open Largest Farm In Kuala Lumpur

Sunway XFarms plans the launch of Kuala Lumpur City Centre’s largest indoor vertical farm in Q3 2022. Created during the pandemic, the company was founded by Sunway Property and Sunway Education Group. It has since produced food for more than 1,800 families wither over 15,000 kg of leafy greens grown and harvested in Sunway’s smart […]

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ACTX Modular Hydroponic Farms Allow Groceries to Give End-Users a Farm-to-Table Experience

Advanced Container Technologies, Inc (Ticker: ACTX), announced that GrowPods – innovative modular hydroponic farms – can give grocers the ability to grow and sell ultra-clean and fresh strawberries and leafy greens such as lettuce, kale, and micro-greens, from a self-contained unit that can be located as nearby as the store’s parking lot. According to Grocery Dive, Meijer Stores are using modular […]

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