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Dual Draft’s Infinity Tray System for Indoor Cultivation

AgTech company, Dual Draft's Infinity Tray System for Indoor Cultivation

Dual Draft Integrated Airflow has recently launched a new product called the Infinity Tray system, designed for single-tier cultivators in both cannabis and non-cannabis controlled environment agriculture (CEA). The system claims to provide under-canopy airflow, improved environmental management, and superior drainage without renouncing growing space. It also incorporates Dual Draft’s patented technologies, which improve yield, quality, consistency, and plant health without increasing operational expenses.

“The Infinity Tray solution handles the unique design requirements of single-tier farmers in cannabis and non-cannabis CEA,” said Greg Panella, CEO of Dual Draft. “By thinking differently about the challenges of atmosphere and water, it is feasible to become more sustainable and grow more high-quality crops, with the same or fewer intakes.”

The Infinity Tray system is marketed as the only solution that offers integrated under-canopy and under-bench airflow in a fully draining plant tray. It is compatible with Dual Draft’s Zero-Clearance and Hurricane Airbox technologies and is available in 4′ and 5′ widths. In addition, the company states that the system’s design utilizes less material, intended to reduce production costs and pass savings onto customers.

“I am enthusiastic about offering a new solution to a new market portion. Under-canopy airflow, precision drainage, and environmental control can have a significant impact,” added Mark Doherty, COO of Dual Draft. “The new design also uses smaller material, decreasing the cost of production and creating savings which we are passing on to our customers.”

Image provided by Dual Draft 

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