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Eagle Genomics Secures Funding from OMRON Ventures

Eagle Genomics

Eagle Genomics, the pioneering TechBio platform business applying network science to biology, has secured additional scale-up funding from Japan-based corporate venture capital firm OMRON VENTURES CO., LTD. The funds will support the ongoing development of the company’s e[datascientist]™ platform as well as continued global expansion and increased client impact.

The e[datascientist]™ is a platform that uses multilayer hypergraphs to structure and interrogate data, applying AI to network science to derive data-driven insight journeys into complex problems at scale. The platform enables enterprise customers to trace digital journeys in data, drive transformative innovations, exploit leading-edge scientific discovery in silico and support differentiated product claims. By networking scientific data to support step-change innovation, Eagle Genomics is bridging the ‘translation gap,’ using scientific knowledge from a range of disparate sources and studies across industries to deliver robust, scientifically underpinned product claims.

Eagle Genomics is a leading TechBio company pioneering the application of network science to biological discovery and innovation, across the Food and Nutrition, AgBio, Beauty and Personal Care, and Biopharma industries. The company’s partners include household names like Unilever, where research on the skin and oral microbiome, powered by Eagle Genomics’ platform resulted in the development of products and claims relating to the improvement and maintenance of skin and oral health, such as Zendium toothpaste and Dove soap.

The CEO of Eagle Genomics, Anthony Finbow, states that the company is the pre-eminent platform business using next-generation graph technology and network science to drive the Bioeconomy. He also emphasized the company’s focus on influencing systems change and data-driven innovation to accelerate the Bioeconomy.

“This current scale-up funding from OMRON Ventures will further the company’s transformational impact across various domains of One Health.” He mentions

Tomoko Inoue, CEO, OMRON VENTURES Co., LTD., said: “In today’s society, which is overflowing with data, OMRON Ventures strives to create new value by leveraging data as an asset. Eagle Genomics and its e[datascientist] platform enables innovation journeys that can yield differentiated products, product claims, and asset repurposing. Its focus on influencing systems change and data-driven innovation to accelerate the Bioeconomy aligns closely with our principles for social and economic change. We are therefore very pleased to be making our current investment in Eagle Genomics and wish it all the best on its upwards trajectory.”

In October 2022, Eagle Genomics announced a USD $20 million first close of its scale-up funding round. The round was led by abrdn plc, with continued participation from existing investors Environmental Technologies Fund, and a consortium of investors headed by Granpool Innovative Investments.

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