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FarmTech Panel: Unused Space in Indoor Farming

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FarmTech Society Panel On Unused Space in Indoor Farming.

David Ceaser hosted the FarmTechSociety panel during the #GreenTech2022 conference in Amsterdam in June. He moderated around important questions emerging from predictions of urbanization soliciting meaningful insights from IMAGRO’s Judith van Heck, Jens Juul Krogshede (Nabo Farms), Jerome Doucet (Montel), and Su Zhang (PRIVA).

FarmTech Society is devoted to shaping sustainable, resilient, competitive and inclusive food production systems, globally, by scaling up the CEA industry to fully unlock its multiple benefits. CEA is the future of food production systems in the rise of resource depletion, economic shocks, environmental crises and climate volatility.  Uniting the CEA industry at a pre-competitive level is the way forward! Building a common framework for the industry is key to its scaling up, offering enhanced economic opportunities and solutions to global challenges. The driving motivation for FTS is to expand and take up active roles globally in the shaping of standards, policy positions and narratives, and workforce development actions on behalf of the industry—ultimately creating attractive careers in agriculture!

The association was founded in November 2018 at the urging of multiple stakeholders to create an international umbrella organisation focused on the CEA industry and its practices. As this innovation-driven sector has turned into a global phenomenon in many forms and shapes, there is a growing need for a platform that is aimed to create a level playing field for CEA in the agriculture landscape. The founders’ rationale was the increasing evidence that the current food production system needs to be radically improved: waste and use of resources need to be reduced, synthetic inputs must be made obsolete, while producing more nutritious, local products with no carbon-footprint.

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