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Fluence & Oakfruitland: Lighting the Future of Cannabis Cultivation

Fluence collaborates with California-based Oakfruitland, using advanced LED technology to boost cannabis yields and reduce energy costs
Key Takeaways:
  1. Fluence’s LED lighting solutions, through their partnership with Oakfruitland, have led to a 5% increase in yield and a 5% reduction in energy usage for the cannabis cultivator.
  2. The partnership also saw a 50% improvement in installation efficiency, notably with Pipp Horticulture racks.
  3. Oakfruitland, a California-based cannabis cultivator, emphasizes quality and has found Fluence’s LED fixtures to outperform other significant suppliers consistently.
  4. Oakfruitland uses a variety of Fluence fixtures, including SPYDR 2x, 2i, and 2h, and integrates Fluence’s Wireless Flex Dimming and SHYFT Light Scheduler for optimal cultivation.

Fluence, a prominent figure in energy-efficient LED lighting for commercial cannabis and food production, recently celebrated the fruitfulness of its collaboration with Oakfruitland, a burgeoning cannabis cultivator based in California. This partnership’s illumination speaks volumes, as Fluence Lighting has effectively overshadowed other LED competitors previously used by Oakfruitland. The impressive results? A noteworthy 5% surge in Oakfruitland’s yield, a 5% plunge in energy consumption (even with escalated light levels), and a staggering 50% enhancement in installation productivity, predominantly on Pipp Horticulture racks.

Steeped in the bustling vibes of Oakland, California, since 2019, Oakfruitland has emerged as a family-centric cannabis enterprise that proudly champions the growth of top-tier cannabis on a substantial scale. This dedication to excellence is evident in their hefty investments in cultivation tactics and rigorous quality assurance procedures. This includes a continuous exploration and trial of avant-garde technology allies to guarantee every growth facet is at its zenith. Throughout multiple evaluations, it became clear that Fluence’s top-tier LED fixtures consistently eclipsed other leading providers in performance.

Linzi Liu, the CEO of Oakfruitland, expressed the company’s robust ambition, “Our trajectory is clear – to satiate the Californian market with unparalleled quality and affordability. Every decision, including our deep investment in trailblazing products like Fluence’s lighting tech, is driven by our unwavering commitment to elevate our offering to our esteemed consumers constantly.”

Oakfruitland’s trust in Fluence is deeply rooted, as evidenced by their usage of the SPYDR 2x, 2i, and 2h fixtures – a true testament to Fluence’s commitment to facilitating cultivators in maximizing their growth space both in terms of yield and quality. Complementing this is their avant-garde HVAC system coupled with precision-controlled environments. Notably, Fluence’s ultra-intense 2h fixtures adorn Oakfruitland’s crème de la crème grow room, colloquially known as their “gold standard.” The integration does not end here; Fluence’s Wireless Flex Dimming and SHYFT Light Scheduler seamlessly blend with Oakfruitland’s state-of-the-art monitoring tech, ensuring unerring control at each cultivation stage.

Steve Graves, Fluence’s Senior VP of Strategy and Product, shed light on their collaboration, “Our synergy with Oakfruitland mirrors the success tales of countless leading cultivators. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and expertise in horticulture magnetizes forward-thinking cultivators. We are their choice because they recognize our technology’s unparalleled edge in optimizing their cultivation processes and delivering unmatched products to their clientele.”

Situated at the nexus of innovation, Fluence Bioengineering, Inc. (Fluence) is renowned for its potent and energy-conserving LED lighting solutions tailored for commercial crop production and in-depth research pursuits. Positioned as a frontrunner in the global cannabis LED market, Fluence’s mission revolves around catalyzing efficient crop production collaborating with the world’s elite vertical farms and greenhouse growers. Their global operations are anchored in Austin, Texas, and they have a robust presence in Rotterdam, Netherlands, for EMEA operations. Fluence thrives under the expansive umbrella of Signify’s Digital Solutions division.

Oakfruitland stands tall as a minority-owned brand deeply committed to cultivating premium cannabis on an expansive scale without compromising on the pinnacle of quality. Every strain is meticulously curated, considering the intricate nuances of terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Their raison d’être is simple – crafting genuine, high-quality cannabis accessible to all, with a price range that embraces every consumer.

Photo by Matthew Brodeur on Unsplash 

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