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Fluence’s Impact on Flora & Flame’s Cannabis Cultivation

Fluence's LED tech boosts Flora & Flame's yields by 50%, emphasizing eco-friendly cannabis cultivation in Oakland.
Key Takeaways
  • Increased Productivity and Quality: Fluence’s partnership with Flora & Flame resulted in a 50% increase in yields, improved trichome quality, and enhanced bud density.
  • Sustainability at the Forefront: Flora & Flame, an Oakland-based cannabis cultivator, emphasizes a sustainable, eco-friendly business model with indoor vertical farm operations.
  • Strategic Fixture Selection: After evaluating various competitors, Flora & Flame chose Fluence’s SPYDR 2p and 2x fixtures, surpassing traditional high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures in yield and quality.
  • Living Soil Innovation: Flora & Flame introduced “living soil” – an organic planting material comprising biological ingredients. This innovative approach supports plant growth and ensures chemical-free produce.
  • Rebate Programs & Energy Conservation: The collaboration with Fluence helped Flora & Flame in energy conservation and availing of Fluence’s rebate program, which saved the cultivator nearly $100,000 in utility rebates.
Fluence’s Impact on Modern Cannabis Cultivation

In an era where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a crucial element in business strategies, the cannabis industry is no exception. Fluence, a renowned global LED lighting solutions provider, has significantly impacted the cultivation sphere. Their recent collaboration with Flora & Flame is a testament to their efficacy and vision.

Rooted in Sustainability

Flora & Flame, headquartered in Oakland, California, represents a fresh wave of cannabis cultivators. Driven by a vision to weave sustainability into their operations, they manage an all-organic, indoor vertical farm. The emphasis? High-quality cannabis that delivers consistency, clarity, and purity to its patrons.

Choosing the Right Partner

After sifting through various competitors, Flora & Flame zeroed in on Fluence’s SPYDR 2p and 2x fixtures. The decision was transformative. Not only did they witness a whopping 50% rise in production, but the quality of the cannabis buds was also significantly augmented. Chris Castle, Flora & Flame’s COO, remarked on the partnership, emphasizing Fluence’s alignment with their sustainability vision and highlighting the enhanced product quality under Fluence’s LEDs.

Innovation in Soil

Another pioneering move from Flora & Flame is their shift to “living soil.” By relying on natural, biological ingredients like bacteria and worms, they foster biodiversity within the soil. The outcome? Thriving plants and a product that stands apart due to its natural, chemical-free composition.

Shared Visions and Mutual Growth

Fluence championed Flora & Flame’s ethos throughout their partnership, connecting them with reputable industry stakeholders. This shared commitment towards sustainability is evident in Fluence’s LED installations that drive energy conservation. Furthermore, the substantial utility rebates through Fluence’s award-winning program have also added significant value to Flora & Flame.

Steve Graves of Fluence articulates this synergy, expressing gratitude for forward-thinking growers like Flora & Flame and reiterating Fluence’s commitment to sustainable and more innovative cultivation practices.

As the cannabis industry evolves, partnerships between Fluence and Flora & Flame serve as blueprints for sustainable growth. It’s a beacon that signals a promising intersection of technology, innovation, and ecological responsibility in cannabis cultivation.

Photo by Esteban López on Unsplash 

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