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Forever Feed Technologies Secures Major Investments

Forever Feed secures funding for eco-friendly indoor feed mills, revolutionizing agriculture's environmental impact.

Forever Feed Technologies, a pioneering agri-tech company, has taken a significant step towards reshaping the future of agriculture with a multimillion-dollar investment from a group of esteemed dairy and agriculture leaders. This investment aims to propel the development of cutting-edge, sustainable, and enterprise-scale automated indoor-growing feed mills. The technology promises to revolutionize the industry by substantially reducing water consumption, land usage, and methane emissions, aligning with the ambitious goal of achieving “climate neutrality” within the agricultural sector by 2050.

The roster of investors includes prominent names in the dairy and agriculture domains, such as River Ranch Farms, Hanford, CA; Bar 20 Dairy, Kerman, CA; Producers Dairy Products, Fresno, CA; and De Jong Family Farms, Francesville, IN, among others. The collective investment is earmarked for constructing state-of-the-art controlled-environment feed mills designed to provide consistent, high-quality feed throughout the year. This innovation enables producers to expand their operations sustainably in response to the market’s growing demands.

At the helm of Forever Feed Technologies is CEO Steve Lindsley, who expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with industry leaders: “We’re pleased to have assembled some of the most respected dairy and agriculture leaders in the country to participate in our funding round. Forever Feed is committed to building world-class water-saving technology that will allow our customers worldwide to sustainably grow cattle feed 365 days a year.”

Jack de Jong, Chairman of Forever Feed Technologies and owner of River Ranch Farms, highlights the alignment of this investment with broader sustainability efforts: “Investing in a sustainable future for cattle feed compliments similar water and decarbonizing investments, like the many successful digester and manure management projects currently in operation around the country. We have great confidence in the impressive business and development strategy that Steve and his management team have built.”

The sentiment of creating a sustainable legacy echoes through the voice of Steve Shehadey, owner of the acclaimed Bar 20 Dairy: “Our company is committed to building a sustainable future for generations to come. The Forever Feed Mill solution will provide a predictive water-saving and decarbonizing platform that we believe will enhance the output and welfare for our animals while reducing the environmental impact here in the greater Fresno area and potentially all around the world.”

Forever Feed Technologies has forged partnerships with international automation and engineering design firms to bring the groundbreaking Forever Feed Mill system to market. This collaboration aims to combine state-of-the-art technology with proven agricultural practices, creating a synergy that could redefine the future of feeding practices in the livestock industry.

As the world grapples with the challenges posed by climate change, the agricultural sector has emerged as a critical arena for sustainable innovation. Investing in Forever Feed Technologies signifies a profound leap towards achieving a more harmonious balance between agricultural production and environmental preservation. The prospect of climate-neutral agriculture by 2050, once seen as a distant aspiration, now seems within reach as pioneering companies like Forever Feed Technologies step up to lead the way. With further details set to emerge shortly, the industry eagerly anticipates the unveiling of this transformative technology and the positive impact it could herald for a more sustainable future.

Photo by Daniel Quiceno M on Unsplash 

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