25th June 2022
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France: Farming Robotics As Seen by Naïo Technologies

Who is Naïo Technologies?

Naïo Technologies is a company built around shared encounters: A decade ago its founders, Gaëtan Séverac and Aymeric Barthes heard how farmers had trouble maintaining their crops because of an increasingly difficult working condition and an overall decrease in qualified labour. The two engineers believed that new technologies – especially robotics – could have a role to play in solving this problematic situation.


Gaëtan and Aymeric’s idea was simple: find a way to automate repetitive crop-related tasks through robotics to help farmers focus on their CORE activities. Their product was developed in close collaboration with farmers to tailor their idea’s characteristics to farmer’s needs.


Since then, the Occitane company has continuously expanded nationwide and raised 14 million euros in a 2020 funding round led by BPI France. They now offer 3 types of robots:

  • Ted, the vineyard robot
  • Oz, the versatile robot
  • Dino, the mechanical weeding robot

A deeper Look into Their Products:

  • Ted, the vineyard robot


Ted has been specifically developed to assist Winemakers in hoeing, earthing up, sowing seeds, ploughing and mowing. Not only does it improve the working conditions of the workers but it also avoids using herbicides and other chemical products in the vineyard thus contributing in respecting the environment.

With up to 8 hours of autonomous use, the 100% electric robot is capable of working on 5 ha/day with a maximum speed of 6km/h without affecting the grapes.


  • Oz, the versatile robot

On the other hand, Oz has been developed to assist market gardeners and crop growers in maintaining their production. It is capable of tillage, harrowing, hoeing, making furrows, sowing or planting, weeding and ridging. It enables farmers to focus on CORE aspects of their exploitation whilst ensuring sustainable production. Similar to Ted, Oz is 100% electric and is autonomous for up to 8 hours during which it is capable of towing 300kg worth of produce. Per hour, the robot can cover up to 1000 square meters of land.

  • Dino, the mechanical weeding robot

Last but not least, Dino is specifically designed for large-scale vegetables crops’ growers and can accurately weed many types of crops in complete autonomy thus offering greater capacity flexibility. Similar to Ted and Oz, Dino saves time for crop growers and enables them to focus on other critical tasks.

With up to 10 hours of autonomy, Dino is 100% electric and can work on 4 ha/day on average without affecting the growing crops.


A Word from its Founders

In the next 10 years, there will be robots in every fields of Europe and North America. We recognize that the challenge is very ambitious, but we are convinced that we can meet it alongside our partners and stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure the ecological and social transition to sustainable agriculture” says Gaëtan Séverac, co-founder of Naïo Technologies.


Pictures and videos are courtesy of Naïo Technologies.

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