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Green Life Company Unveils Aeroponic Greenhouse In Kuwait

Green Life Company, a Kuwait-based company, has launched its innovative smart agriculture project that uses Aeroponic technology for air farming. The launch event was held at the St. Regis Hotel in Kuwait, with the patronage of Swiss ambassador Dr. Tiziano Balmelli and attended by stakeholders, experts, and media.

The chairman of Green Life Company, Mr. Adel Al Shamali, spoke about the company’s commitment to investing in the future and the significance of agriculture in Kuwait’s “Kuwait 2035″ vision. He emphasized the importance of providing ample amounts of healthy, high-quality agricultural products with minimal water and labor, utilizing the most advanced technology.

Mr. Adel Al Shamali, Chairman of Green Life Company, stated, “The launch of this project is a testament to Green Life Company’s commitment to investing in the future. As local investors, we always seek opportunities to drive progress within our society.” CleanGreens Solutions SA developed the Aeroponic technology used in the project in partnership with Green Life Company. It was adapted to suit the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. This innovative technology aims to improve food security by producing high-quality agricultural products with minimal water usage.

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The project aims to build a more adaptable and sustainable food system by incorporating advanced food technologies and promoting sustainable changes in the GCC region. The innovative approach to food security and intelligent agriculture systems will establish Kuwait as a regional hub for sustainable food production throughout the year.

Kuwait Sustainable City Initiatives:

XZERO City is a planned sustainable community in Kuwait covering 1600 hectares with 30,000 residential units. The city aims to provide a net zero-carbon lifestyle for 100,000 residents with green jobs in diverse sectors like medical, technology, education, etc. It will incorporate urban farming technologies like hydroponics, aquaponics, and vertical farms. The project is being developed by URB and follows high social, environmental, and economic sustainability standards. The master plan uses passive design strategies and green & blue infrastructure. The city will be self-sufficient, producing all the resident’s caloric food intake on-site and harvesting renewable energy locally while recycling waste and water. XZERO is seen as a new benchmark for future sustainable cities. The project has a unique resilient landscape that promotes health and well-being, connecting residents to amenities through 44 km of green mobility tracks.

Image provided by Green Life Company

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