AgTech company, Greeneye Technology & Farmers Business Network Join Forces For The Future of Agriculture
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Greeneye Technology & Farmers Business Network Join Forces

Greeneye Technology and Farmers Business Network (FBN) have announced a long-term strategic collaboration agreement to help farmers reduce weed control costs and increase profitability. The partnership will combine Greeneye’s retrofit precision spraying systems and FBN’s Precision Spraying Packs – customized crop protection and nutrition plans that FBN is developing for use specifically with the Greeneye technology – and financing offerings. The program will launch in the U.S. for the 2024 growing season.

As part of the agreement, FBN has led Greeneye’s current investment round with a significant investment to fuel Greeneye’s growth and expansion in the U.S. market and beyond. In addition, this partnership opens up an important new sales channel for Greeneye. 

Last year, as participants in FBN’s Innovators Research League, the Greeneye system decreased non-residual herbicide use by 86% while resulting in the same weed control efficacy and crop yield as conventional broadcast spraying. FBN will further on-farm trials and data gathering to develop Precision Spraying Packs – varieties of crop protection, biologicals, and adjuvants – for use with the Greeneye system to optimize effectiveness and expenditure savings. FBN will also offer to finance the Greeneye system and its Precision Spraying Packs.

Greeneye has assigned dozens of systems for sale to FBN farmers for 2024, intending to increase availability in the following season significantly. The Greeneye system harnesses AI technology with cutting-edge hardware to unlock the benefits of precision spraying for farmers by overcoming previous barriers. In addition, it is suitable for both pre-and post-emergence applications. 

It seamlessly integrates with any brand or size of the commercial sprayer, removing the need for farmers to invest in expensive new equipment. Moreover, its unique dual line/tank configuration allows precision and broadcast spraying to be simultaneously carried out, significantly increasing productivity and efficacy. 

“Our trials’ have proven that Greeneye’s technology offers truly game-changing potential for cost reduction and ROI. As a result, we’re keen to invest in and standardize our commercial relationship with Greeneye Technology. This denotes a new age for mixing precision spraying with intelligent input crop protection & trade,” commented Matt Meisner, Vice President of Research & Development and Data Science at FBN. 

“Today’s announcement marks a major milestone for Greeneye Technology. We are proud to partner with FBN and assist farmers in decreasing weed control costs and driving profitability by combining our retrofit precision spraying systems and FBN’s Precision Spraying Packs.” Nadav Bocher, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Greeneye Technology, commented.

Photo by Teo Sticea on Unsplash 

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