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Harvest Today Lands New Partnership With North Star Agriculture

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Whitehorse, Yukon Territory (YT)– North Star Agriculture Ltd becomes the newest distributor of Harvest Today! This partnership aims to bring the Harvest Wall to the Yukon and all northwest territories of Canada.

According to William Aitken, Director of Operations of Harvest Today-Canada, “The passion that drives Sonny and Joel to deliver food security initiatives to the people of the North is what really connected Harvest Today and North Star Agriculture. We are in admiration of the countless achievements they have accomplished. To be able to work alongside such innovative pioneers is a true honor and privilege for Harvest Today Canada.”

“Partnering with Harvest Today as a distributor of their fine systems leads us one step closer to feeding the future”, says Sonny Gray, Founder of Northstar Agriculture Ltd. He adds, “The team at Northstar Agriculture has long recognized that indoor growing, in harsh climates, is fast becoming a vital portion of annual food production. We are so pleased to be partnering with Harvest Today, a company that has created a VertigationTM system that is affordable as well as low-tech enough for your average consumer to be able to set up and operate. With options for scalability, whether as a Harvest Wall in a home/office or as a free-standing vertical, commercial operation, we are excited to provide our clients, their friends, and families, an option for year-round produce production.”

As global food security continues to decrease, agricultural companies have been consistently working to provide innovative growing solutions. This association between North Star Ag and Harvest Today recognizes the right of people to have the access to fresh food. It also empowers people from remote areas of YT to produce their own food through a simple and effective indoor growing system. By bringing indoor farming solution systems to remote communities with extreme climates, fresh food will be more accessible and closer to them.

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