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Hempalta Inc. Joins Forces with Hemp Carbon Standard

Hempalta Inc. has partnered with the UK's Hemp Carbon Standard to advance sustainable hemp cultivation and offer carbon credits.

In a ground-breaking move for sustainable agriculture, Hempalta Inc., the Canadian cleantech frontrunner in hemp processing and product innovation, has partnered with the UK-based Hemp Carbon Standard. This merger highlights Hempalta’s commitment to environmental responsibility and introduces an additional revenue stream, complementing its consumer goods and commercial products sectors.

At the heart of this collaboration lies the acknowledgment of hemp’s unparalleled environmental benefits, notably its proficiency in extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. HEMPALTA’s CEO, Darren Bondar, stated, “This partnership facilitates a deeper bond with Western Canada’s farmers, translating to fiscal advantages from hemp carbon credits, establishing enduring prospects for both parties.”

Renowned for its rapid growth, industrial hemp showcases an exceptional ability to absorb vast quantities of CO2. Southern Alberta, in particular, is acclaimed for housing some of North America’s most prolific hemp fields.

Pioneering the generation of carbon credits from industrial hemp, the Hemp Carbon Standard employs state-of-the-art remote sensing technologies. This ensures meticulous quantification of CO2 absorption, fortifying its role in the carbon marketplace. As Tim de Rosen from ClimaFi Limited, Hemp Carbon Standard’s sponsor, aptly puts it, these credits bolster corporate decarbonization measures and champion regenerative farming.

Hempalta, with its forward-looking vision, advocates for large-scale industrial hemp cultivation. By offering authentic, measurable carbon credits, the company aims to mitigate climate change and ensure a sustainable tomorrow. Bondar further accentuates, “Our core philosophy is defined by our ambition to pave the way for a sustainable future, and this partnership epitomizes that aspiration.”

Extending invitations to energy sector enterprises and beyond, HEMPALTA encourages corporations to procure carbon credits originating from industrial hemp farming. This move serves a dual purpose, underlining corporate eco-responsibility while supporting eco-conscious farming.

Distinguished as a cleantech pioneer, Hempalta Inc. excels in cutting-edge hemp processing and product formulation. Operating one of North America’s few commercial-scale hemp processing facilities, the firm boasts a rich product line derived sustainably from Southern Alberta’s hemp crops. A dedicated team at the helm, enriched by years of expertise, propels Hempalta towards a greener horizon. 

Based in the UK, Hemp Carbon Standard is a conglomerate of professionals driven by a shared vision of eco-responsibility. The institution is the only globally to incentivize industrial hemp farmers for their carbon-conscious cultivation practices. They champion the dual cause of climate positivity and hemp’s multifarious product potential. 

Photo by David Gabrić on Unsplash 

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