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How Dubai’s Vertical Farm Revolutionizes Agriculture with iFarm

Dubai introduces a game-changing approach to agriculture with its first vertical farm using iFarm Multigreens Technology.
Key Takeaways:
  • Dubai’s first vertical farm utilizing iFarm technologies operates under the Mama Natura Greens brand, aiming to supply premium retail and HoReCa sectors with over 3 tonnes of fresh produce monthly.
  • The UAE’s farm is a pioneer, being the first globally to use the iFarm Multigreens technology, which allows diverse crops like microgreens, herbs, and edible flowers to be cultivated simultaneously.
  • The distinguishing factor of iFarm Multigreens from other vertical farming technologies is the Ebb & Flow hydroponic system, yielding significantly higher results, as showcased by the 38% yield increase in Friese lettuce.
  • Microgreens, with their short growth cycle of 7-14 days, are highlighted as a highly profitable product.
  • iFarm Growtune, an all-encompassing IT-driven farm management software, oversees the farm’s operations, reducing human intervention and optimizing payroll.

Nestled just half an hour away from Dubai’s vibrant center, a revolution in agriculture is taking place. The Mama Natura Greens brand has inaugurated the first vertical farm in the UAE utilizing iFarm technologies. Occupying a 784m² industrial edifice, this Green Farm efficiently uses vertical multi-level racks, providing 712m² of growing area.

A New Age in Agriculture

As urban spaces become more congested, the demand for innovative agricultural solutions has remained the same. Vertical farming promises sustainable, local, and fresh produce, especially in a metropolis like Dubai. Serving the crème de la crème, from top-tier hotels to renowned retail chains like Spinneys and Carrefour, Mama Natura Greens is poised to meet this demand.

The Magic Behind iFarm Multigreens

Venturing into cutting-edge agriculture, iFarm’s Multigreens technology stands out. Nikolay Podvigin, an agricultural technologist at iFarm, sheds light on its specialty. Unlike traditional systems, the Ebb & Flow method is employed, periodically flooding and draining with nutrient solutions. This technique ensures an enhanced oxygen supply to plant roots, promoting better nutrition and leading to record yields. The versatility of iFarm Multigreens also stands out; from microgreens to edible flowers, the technology supports diverse crops, offering flexibility to the farm’s product range.

Microgreens: A Lucrative Green Gold

One of the stars in the Green Farm portfolio is microgreens. These tiny, nutrient-packed sprouts from crops like radish and broccoli have a swift turnaround, ready for harvest within 7-14 days of planting. This makes them a prime choice for businesses looking for a quick and profitable return on investment.

iFarm Growtune: The Digital Farmhand

Behind the scenes, ensuring smooth operation and high-quality yields is iFarm Growtune. This state-of-the-art software amalgamates various farming tools – from plant growth recipes to livestock management tools. As Nikita Zubko, managing director of Green Farm, points out, implementing iFarm Growtune has led to a streamlined workforce, with the software overseeing the complex processes.

With the successful implementation of iFarm technologies in Dubai, it’s evident that the future of farming is here. The current negotiations by iFarm to supply farming equipment to other interested parties in the UAE underscore the growing interest and faith in this technology. In a rapidly evolving world, iFarm and Mama Natura Greens showcase that innovation, technology, and nature can harmoniously coexist, bringing forth a greener tomorrow.

Image provided by iFarm

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